Social Customer ServiceHave you checked Twitter lately only to see angry tweets about poor customer service? Chances are you have.

“Social care is transforming customer service. Social media has emerged as an important channel for customer service, with nearly half of U.S. consumers reaching out directly to providers to voice their satisfaction or complaints…”

This powerful statement is from the recently released Nielsen report on the state of social media. Even more telling yet, the report claims one in three social media users claim they prefer social media over calling in for customer service issues.

With over 170 million social media users in the U.S. alone, how can one complaint via social media have such a large impact on customer service? The power of sharing can be paramount in social care. It’s as easy as hitting the “retweet” button on Twitter or “share” on Facebook. And now, with platforms like Nevahold, consumer complaints can be sent out at an exponential rate, further grabbing a company’s attention and demanding a timely response.

Timely might be the key to taming a social media uproar over a poor customer service experience. According to this report, the expected response time of more than half of Twitter’s users using the platform for customer service issues is a mere two hours. Facebook users are only slightly more forgiving, expecting a response within 24 hours.

Why is it so important for companies to listen and ensure they are responding to social media users who are complaining about their products? Social media is quickly becoming the go-to source for consumer reviews, with up to the minute reporting of what products are working and which are failing. According to the Nielsen report mentioned above, 65% of social media users are logging in to learn more about brands, products and services.

“… Consumer decisions and behaviors are increasingly driven by the opinions, tastes and preferences of an exponentially larger, global pool of friends, peers and influencers.” -Nielsen

Have you, like a growing number of social media users, made purchasing decisions based on what you’ve seen on a company’s social media page?