I know how many problems email can cause for emerging businesses. Your business might not be large enough to warrant outsourcing customer service, but it might be too large to handle without an automated system. Sooner or later, your startup will outgrow email as a quality customer support solution. You can effectively use a shared inbox as a cost-effective way to address customer service requests when you have a manageable customer base.

As your business continues to grow, you will start to see signs that you need online custom support software for your emerging business to thrive.

1. Email Has Certain Limitations

Email does not have the ability to fully automate the customer support process. You cannot rely on an inbox to effectively distribute emails between different employees. Additionally, you cannot work around glitches associated with emails in spam folders or emails lost in cyberspace after your business has reached a certain size. You will start to waste too much time on email-related issues at the cost of growth.

2. Bad Customer Service = Bad Public Relations

Your customers can bash you on social media in a matter of seconds. After all, isn’t that a large reason why people love major social media platforms so much? Inadequate customer support can have a substantial negative impact after a highly influential Tweeter decides to write a few characters about how your business was created by evil forces. Or an angry customer posts your dirty laundry to their Facebook account straight from their smartphones. Conversely, you can leverage the power of social media by giving customers a reason to create positive buzz.

3. Customers Love Social Media

Invest in software that will organize customer requests via social media. It’s nice to see how many people think your business is cool, but it can be a tour de force effort to sift through hundreds of comments to find specific requests and concerns.

4. General Email Confusion

Hitting the same customer with support twice can make a poor impression. Shared inboxes make agent collision more likely. Additionally, emails routinely get stuck in spam folders, accidentally deleted, saved instead of sent, or sent to the wrong person. It’s the nature of email.

5. Track Customer History

Many customer concerns appear a bit strange. Is a concerned customer hopelessly confused? Is your staff hopelessly confused? Tracking customer history through email may be possible, but it would require customers to sit back and wait for you to dig through an expansive inbox. Help desk software can expedite customer concerns by efficiently tracking orders.

6. Keep Your Sales Team In the Know

Online custom support software is a great way to keep your sales team in the know. Email does not tie into sales support by design. Spend less time addressing email confusion, and spend more time closing sales. Identify qualified leads and repeat customers instead of trying to find out what happened to some email from a few months ago.

Focus on Sales Instead of Email Confusion With Cayzu Helpdesk

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