Delivering stellar customer service is something that every store owner should be looking to achieve.

Not only do shoppers expect it, but 78% of consumers will actually bail on a transaction is the service is bad.

So how do you really wow your customers? Take a look at this simple 5 step plan to find out…

1. Tackle problems head on

When there’s any negativity directed at your store you probably just want to curl up in a ball and pretend that it’s not happening. But the more you ignore problems, the worse they will get…

If a customer complains, then you need to address the problem right away. Whether they’ve sent you an email, or they are tarnishing your name across social media, the way to impress people is to acknowledge the problem and look for ways to resolve it.

Check out this example from Zappos. This customer is clearly not happy, but Zappos does not give up and they even add a bit of personality into their apology.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.09.58

Remember: Accept responsibility, apologize and offer a gesture of good will to help rectify problems.

2. Be there – 24/7

Did you know that 83% of your shoppers need support to be able to make a purchase? It makes sense that people need to ask questions before parting with their money, but it’s easier to provide support in a brick and mortar store, right?

Not necessarily.

Plugging in real time chat to your website is the ideal solution to this problem. It connects you to the customer straight away and you can answer any questions they may have, in order to push them to the sale.

A real time chat platform can also help the customers who may not be in the same time zone as you. You can automate responses and let them leave messages so you can get back to them as soon as you get into work.

In addition to real time chat, make sure you clearly provide contact information across your site. Include your phone number, email and store address in case your customer would prefer to contact you another way.

3. Show your appreciation

Everyone loves to be appreciated right? Manners don’t cost a thing, yet they can really help to impress your customers. When a customer buys your product, send a confirmation email that offers a bit more than the standard ‘thanks’. Showcase your personality and really show that customer that you are grateful.

Check out this great example that was found on Reddit from a local mechanic. The hand-written note is an easy thing to do, yet it really makes the customer feel valued.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.44.44

So you may not have the time to send out hand-written notes to all of your customers, but by using this kind of gesture in your confirmation emails, it can really help to build a life-long relationship with your customers.

4. Make everything simple

Wouldn’t life be great if everything was simple? When a potential customer lands on your site, that’s exactly what they want. Customers don’t have the time to waste trying to find the product they want to buy or trying to work out your complicated process.

If you take a look at this study you’ll see that 46% of shoppers will leave if they find your website too difficult to navigate, and 38% will abandon their shopping cart if the registration or login process is too complicated.

This is something that you can very easily avoid if you evaluate your shopping process. Think about stepping into the shoes of the customer and get rid of anything that is not necessary.

To make your job a whole lot easier, think about using A/B testing platforms or heat map tools as they can help you discover the exact spots that customers struggle to engage, so you can improve your process.

Check out the 3-step shopping process on Their website is clean and easy to use, they highlight the call-to-action buttons, and you can make a purchase as a guest without having to sign up.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 13.36.47

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 13.36.38

When you get to the delivery and shipping page, it’s split into simple sections, you can see exactly what you are buying at the top of the page, and you can click the ‘chat now’ button if you need help at any time.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 13.37.04

Streamline your shopping cart process so that it’s easy to do, and doesn’t require too much from the customer.

5. Reward loyalty

Did you know that it costs 5 times as much to gain a new customer than it does to keep one? Offering treats and rewards to loyal customers not only will show you value their custom, but it encourages them to continue shopping with you.

Building up a good relationship with your customers is so important to the success of your online store, so think about offering freebies, discounts or exclusive offers to make your customers feel special.

Check out this example of below. They send out an exclusive discount to treat their customers when it’s their birthday. It’s a nice touch because it shows the customer that you know when their birthday is and encourages them to shop at your store.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 13.54.11

Time to put this plan into action

So there you have it, a 5-step guide to delivering stellar customer service! Your customers really are your greatest asset so you should do everything you can to keep them happy. Follow these steps and let me know how you get on in the comments below!