A comprehensive plan for an interactive presence online coupled with an effective way to handle it can result in better overall customer experience as well as better business.  By being more available through a number of channels online, companies can show their customers they are approachable, multifaceted and always relevant.

A dynamic and well supported web presence can also vastly increase customer service.  Even a business which already enjoys high quality customer service can be given a boost.  By offering more channels for communication online customers are able to see the company as being more approachable, more involved in the community and the company itself is more likely to stay at the forefront of their mind.

The key to a successful campaign with a web presence is to make sure the company stays interactive.  Websites should always be designed with contact information easily visible no matter what page a customer is on.  Social media pages should also include this contact information and the accounts themselves should be active and regularly updated.  Regular updates remind each customer about the company over and over again.  If the posts or updates are interesting this further reinforces the company.  For example, a local store may update about an upcoming sale as well as sending an update about a popular movie based on a book series.  The original update works as a form of traditional marketing while the second update simply reminds the customer about the business on a different level.

When a business reaches out to a customer on more than just a sales level that company becomes a part of the customer’s community.  While this can be nearly impossible to do on a truly personal level, social media websites and interactive internet campaigns make it much easier to become a part of a customer’s virtual community.  This places your business at the forefront of their minds more often, it also reinforces that your company is one with a personal interest in the lives of its customers.  It also makes it easier for customer to use your Customer Service options.  Whether it’s by mail, phone and email or through a social media website, customers know it will always be easy to communicate with you, whether it’s about an order or a quote for something new.

A manageable plan for a diverse web presence can be designed with the help of professional firms.  Such a campaign and sustained presence can help boost direct sales and improve customer service which, in turn, can lead to more sales leads and direct sales.  An open, accessible and friendly web presence will give customers greater confidence in the company and the campaign itself can be tailored to fit any budget.

The time and money invested in a well rounded web presence offers an excellent return on investment both immediately with more sales and down the line with greater consumer confidence.