Customers are the number one reason why your company stays in business! Without them, your company may very well flop on its back, so giving back by showing a little customer appreciation can do wonders.

In fact, customer appreciation can go a long way. Even just saying “Thank you!” shows the customer that you care. So what are some ways you can show your appreciation?

customer appreciation

Show Sincerity with Every Thank You

Showing appreciation can be tricky sometimes, because if you or your employees aren’t sincere, then it’s as if a thank you wasn’t conveyed at all. Make sure to show sincerity, especially over the phone where the customer can hear and pick up on anything that sounds fake. Here are several ways to say thank you for a customer’s patronage.

  • Send an e-mail: With many online purchases or business transactions, a majority of companies send an automated e-mail confirmation that says thank you somewhere in the e-mail. Although this is a step better than nothing, it doesn’t convey sincerity. A better way to show appreciation is to write a short personalized letter to each customer. You’ll be amazed at how valued a customer can feel as a result of this simple gesture!
  • Give them a gift or discount card: This type of thank you can kill two birds with one stone. By giving customers a small gift or discount card, you will not only make them feel appreciated, but you will also make it more likely for the customer to do business with your company again. Be sure to include a personalized note so your discount doesn’t come out looking like spam instead of something to be appreciated.
  • Be genuine on the phone: Whether it’s you or one of your employees that picks up the phone to speak to a customer, make sure to be genuine throughout the entire call. A customer can tell if you don’t care or if you’re just trying to get them off the phone as quickly as possible. Genuine words can speak louder than any other tactic you might try.
  • Show them you’re paying attention: Every customer is different, and that means every conversation, whether through chat, over the phone, or through email, will be different. Some customers will stay on topic while others might go off on a tangent. However, with each interaction, it’s vitally important to show customers that you’re paying attention. If they feel like you care, they will feel valued and more confident doing business with your company time and time again!

Go That Extra Mile with Visual Engagement Software

Customers can surely appreciate it when companies go that extra mile for them. That is why at Glance Networks we offer a customer service visual engagement solution. Our cobrowsing and screen sharing solutions offer an alternative option for customers and agents to communicate with one another even when they’re both online.

Agents can share what’s happening on their own computers, or even control customers’ screens (with their permission) to point things out, highlight important information or walk them through an online process. If agent video is being used, customers can even see agents’ faces, taking the customer service experience to the next level. When customers know who they’re talking to, it builds trust and confidence.