Thank you Venture Beat for exposing what seems to have been the elephant in the room no one wants to discuss.’s announcement at Dreamforce about their upcoming sales analytics capabilities is exciting.

But while CRM has evolved into a critical back-end system for data capturing, its unfulfilled promise of better selling and more accurate forecasting is the unicorn we’re all trying to catch.

CRM's unfulfilled promise of better selling is the unicorn we’re all trying to catch

Sales reps don’t want to do data entry. They don’t want to stop and do activities that get in the way of moving their deals forward. And neither do their teams or leadership. Because if they aren’t closing deals – who is? This gap between necessary organizational infrastructure and effective selling has plagued sales teams for years now. And as Nilay Patel states in the VentureBeat article – we are all in for a rude awakening.

Sales reps need to sell – not be bogged down with data entry. But for leadership to gain the insights they need to help optimize the sales process, they need more than just basic opportunity information – amount, close date, velocity, etc.

This is why Qvidian has spent countless hours and resources truly understanding what it is sales people and the teams who support them actually do. Our products are designed to work as seamlessly in teams’ daily workflows as possible – eliminating duplicative efforts and activities that don’t get people to their goals.

Here’s our vision:

A sales rep is in SFDC reviewing opportunity details. Directly in the opportunity screen, they are provided with step-by-step guidance in a Sales Playbook on the best possible approach for this specific selling situation. The Playbook is contextual and takes into consideration all elements of the deal to provide the most custom, tailored guidance possible. The rep is inclined to use it because they know it is based off proven best practices and methods that have worked repeatedly in similar situations, but also knows that coaching, content, and process have been tailored just for them.

By using the Playbook, we capture information not currently available in CRM – like what activities did they complete, what content was used, etc. The Playbook also prompts reps to capture new information to feed the CRM with new data to help tailor the Playbook guidance even more. As activities are complete, SFDC is updated automatically so sales management has real time visibility into what’s going on, resulting in more accurate pipeline forecasts, and increased ability to help move stalled deals along.

Sales Playbooks embedded opportunity - sales enablement software

Don’t miss out on the next wave of sales analytics capabilities because you don’t have the data. With the right systems in place – keeping in mind that the process is right for a reason (ahem, it truly helps your reps win more deals!) – you’ll no longer be strapped for insight.

Adoption of anything new isn’t necessarily easy, but it doesn’t have to be painstakingly difficult either. It’s really all about shifting the way your reps think. Data entry is downright time-consuming, and if inputting data after data leads to just that (and only that), you can’t blame your reps for running away from tending to what they foresee as wasteful. Instead, try thinking differently about the way your reps sell, instill real and proven value into their processes, and we bet your lack of data will be a thing of the past.