Happy New wishes for a productive 2015.   I am giving the shortened version of a recent service delivery I experienced during a trip to Orlando to celebrate Christmas and News years with family.  On a shopping trip to H&M, my favorite store for select pieces of apparel, I was surprised and disappointed at the level of service that was received.  Upon selection of the items required, we proceeded to the check out. My husband was summonsed by a distracted, self-absorbed young man, who was having a conversation with two other customers behind me whilst also conducting a side bar conversation to his colleagues.  The Sales Attendant was oblivious to his responsibilities in the delivery of service to a current customer who is standing awaiting service.  To add insult to injury, he was registering the wrong prices for our items!   I brought this to his attention and was stunned by the glare I received, prior to being  informed by him that I was wrong, and his price was the correct price.   I cancelled the item and it appeared that he might have slapped me. I then began to think quickly and remembered one of the great features of the SMART phone  – the ability to record and did the smart thing, I videotaped the rest of the experience because this story needed to be told.  I informed the sales attendant that I videotaped my service experience with him and he laughed heartily.

I then thought to tweet this experience to the appropriate handle for H&M, I received an immediate response from Customer Service, asking that I call a particular number, which I did, and was interviewed by the attendant and a case file developed.

The attendant, also informed me that the store manager will be contacted and feedback would be provided to me and that she would contact me for a copy of the video if required. Since I was travelling the following day, I provided my email address for further contact. I then received feedback almost immediately that the store manager was contacted, and arrangements are being made to develop this staff member by providing the appropriate training.   This was the exact response that I expected, as my intention for providing feedback to the company, was to bring to their attention the need for staff training in Service Quality and Delivery, as in the case of the rude staff member, he may have not received any in the past.

The company advised of their Customer Service Policy and emulated said policy in the manner in which they dealt with my complaint. In addition, the free coupons offered by the company are well appreciated!

As stated previously, a quick response to a customer’s complaint will aid in maintaining customer loyalty!