Let On Hold Company do a checkup on you on hold marketing.

It’s always a good time to perform a customer service audit to make sure your company is delivering the best possible service and to find ways you can improve that service. When planning a customer service audit, it’s critical to include every experience your customers have with your company – from the sales floor to the telephone and your on-hold messages.

Here are a few ways you can do just that::

Secret Shoppers: Recruit a few people to visit your business and provide feedback on the customer service they received. Encourage them to point out the good, the bad and the ugly that they experience. Use their feedback as coaching material for your team. You can pay your secret shoppers a fee or reward them with gift cards or other free swag.

Caught in the act: Ask your team members to be on the lookout for fellows team members’ customer services successes and provide a system for reporting them. Reward both the nominee and the nominator for their commitment to taking care of your customers and share the customer success story with other employees during staff meetings, company newsletters or social media. This is a great way to teach employees how to handle unexpected customer ‘moments’ and to reward good behavior when those situations are successfully solved.

Test Your Marketing Touchpoints: This is also the perfect time for you to test your marketing touchpoints – the way that customers learn about your business and begin their journey with you. Is your website easy to navigate and making it easy to interact with your business? Is your office signage easy to understand and uniform? Are your telephone calls being answered professionally and are you on hold messages current, relevant and answering your customers’ questions?

Try putting your on-hold message program through the same secret shopper test as your store. Have a loyal customer call and ask to be put on hold to provide you feedback on their experience.