Too many people that are in the position to “greet” people never actually do that. They may say hi or hello but that’s nothing more than an acknowledgement that someone has entered your space. That’s it!

Improve The Customer Experience

Our customers wish to be part of a team and treated warmly like you do at a gathering of friends and associates. Think of how you feel when you enter a room, already full with a group of people, and they smile when you appear.

The one word that will improve the customer experience is “WELCOME“.

When you “welcome” someone you are allowing them full access to “your space”, to treat your space as if it was “their space”, their home.

That’s the reason why we go out to eat. Not just to fill our stomachs, but to be taken care of. We can get food anywhere but why do we go to a specific restaurant? Or a specific business, regardless of what type it is?

Because we feel good when we go there. Because of how they make us feel welcome. Because they make us feel special.

If you don’t feel special why keep going back?

That’s the appeal of the neighborhood bar or hairstylist/barber. Sure, they probably have a great selection of beers and do a wonderful job with your hair and you leave perfectly coiffed. But it’s more than that, much more.

If a warm and proper welcome makes YOU feel so special, don’t your customers deserve the same? If they get the “warm fuzzies” maybe they will spend more time browsing your store’s aisles, willing to spend more time to find the “right” shirt, gift or product.

You make more money, you create another loyal customer and set the foundation of more business to come.

Sounds like a win-win to me…

How do YOU welcome your customers?

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