MP900387622My washing machine has a feature that locks the lid at the start of the cycle.  Last week the locking mechanism failed.  During the wash cycle the lid unlocked and the machine stopped.  In the past, I would have been faced with the option of buying a new machine or going to the Yellow Pages to find a repair service.

Social Media Has Changed my Perspective

Instead, I began an Internet search for information about the problem I was having. I discovered, on a Facebook page, that I probably needed a specific part.  I then looked for information on the part.  I quickly found it at a local parts store, but the part was not in stock.  A further search revealed the website Although the store, itself, is in Canton, Michigan and I am in Illinois, the site allowed me to search for the part I needed, order it online and even view a YouTube Video with step-by-step instructions on changing the part myself.  This gave me the confidence to try a DIY approach. The next day the $40.00 part arrived.  I brought my iPad down to my laundry room with me and followed the instructions on the video. Voila!  The part is installed and I am doing laundry again.

Without Social Media, I would probably have opted to spend around $500.00 on a new washing machine.  Instead, I was able to research my problem, find the part I needed and even get the step-by-step instructions to install the part myself.

What is doing right:

According to their website, offers “1,000,000+ replacement parts and maintenance products for 160 appliance, outdoor power equipment and heating and cooling equipment brands.” The website allows people to search by brand, Model or Part Number.

  • While they have a retail store in Canton, Michigan, the Repair Clinic’s website expands their reach with a very easy-to-use website.
  • The website contains YouTube videos and written instructions that allow even a novice to complete most repairs themselves.
  • The store uses social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram to spread the word about their services and give helpful information to customers.
  • Their Social Media pages are filled with reviews from satisfied customers, eager to share their experiences. The store management then thanks people for their comments.
  • Customer service. They answer questions on their Facebook and Twitter Pages and also offer “on-line” chat on their website for people with problems, giving even more help and information.
  • Because of the many marketing channels they use, their website enjoys great SEO, which is why I found them so easily.

Smart business owners everywhere are increasing sales by finding new ways to use Social Media to increase their “bottom line” by helping their customers.