Fabletics made me fat. Actually, the winter made me fat. But Fabletics’ ill-managed customer experience forced my hand at canceling my VIP membership, hence ending my monthly upgrade of my workout gear and therefore completely demotivating my workouts.


Perhaps that is misappropriated blame.

Fabletics’ products are high quality, the fashion is very stylish and their personalized recommendations are pretty spot on for my taste. Plus, their spokeswoman Kate Hudson is fabulous and I am completely convinced that I will eventually look like her if I wear their spandex long enough.

Imagine how distraught I was realizing my order from the previous month had not arrived! I double checked the website to track my order and found that it was unable to be delivered. I immediately looked up my confirmation email and replied back to Fabletics informing them of my legging predicament.

This was their response:


Like many of us, I kind of hate Live Chat, but I hate talking on the phone even more. So I chose the lesser of two evils to try to retrieve my tie-dyed leggings (don’t judge) from the abyss of returned packages. To my dismay, endless buffering and loading of their chat platform left me no choice but the telephone.

So this was the third channel I must use for engagement to simply sort out my undelivered order. Then I was introduced to “Anne.” She is a robot, yet is convinced that she is able to help me get the resolution I need. With no other possible way to escalate my issue, I found myself shouting at Anne (the robot), and feeling officially offended when she mistook my outraged ramblings as a resolved issue and hung up on me. Up yours Anne. I then turned to the channel I I felt confident could get me what I wanted – Twitter (I know what you’re thinking, I should have turned to social as my channel of choice, not as a last resort….).

After 30 minutes of no response I took a deep breath and decided I am woman enough to face Anne again and this time get what I want. My next call was more calculated, as I finally managed to reach an agent named Carlos with a calm demeanor.

Carlos was extremely friendly, very apologetic and managed to diffuse my anger, although not my relationship with the brand. My dream leggings were sold out and I would have to choose another pair or just get my money back. I choose neither option. Give me my money back and discontinue my VIP membership… please.

About an hour later I saw Fabletics had finally responded:

Are you effing kidding me? I was feeling remorseful at this point, stressing about where I’m going to turn for my active wear needs, and Fabletics could’ve swooped in with a killer Tweet to woo me back. I then began to sift through their feed and found tons of automated responses. It’s like seeing that the guy you just swiped right for on Tinder is sending the same opening line to everyone. I get it, it saves time. But ew.

Not only that, but I’m the nerdy kind of brand advocate that will sing your praises across my social accounts. Just ask @ClassPass. After helping me with an issue I had with my account pretty much instantaneously, I throw them love constantly. Every time I feel the burn or catch a new barre class, I’m sure to let them and all of my followers know.

My goal of sharing this overly dramatic story with you, is not for you to hate Fabletics. It’s more of a plea to a brand that I think is pretty badass that produces products I want. Get your customer service act together. For a company that freely says P*ssy in your adverts, you guys really acted like pricks.