Thumbnail blogCRM implementations are on the rise, but adoption rates are lagging behind; often, end-users cite ‘the system being hard to use’ as the reason.

Investing in a new CRM but convinced nobody will use it?

You probably need to change your company culture… ask yourself…

  • Are you ready for CRM?
  • Are your people adaptable and willing to change?
  • Do your employees realise this is not just a management tool for reports – it’s for everyone?
  • Do employees realise that, in order for this to be successful, everyone must use it – and no one should go back to spreadsheets?

Make sure the CRM you choose has an intuitive interface

  • And half the battle is won
  • Add in easy integration with other systems and you’re nearly there!
  • Don’t be one of the 75% of companies where only 55% of users actually use the CRM

Don’t wait until it’s too late

  • Get buy-in from the start
  • Let them know what’s in it for them

Give them some stats. Here’s some for you:

  • Existing customers are 120% more likely to buy again – treat them well!
  • New customers cost five times more than existing customers
  • Emails sent to engaged customers convert 75% better

Don’t go it alone

  • Get end-users involved at the evaluation stage
  • Let them play, give feedback and choose what works for them
  • If it’s not intuitive, it won’t get used

Training and change management are key. Don’t just leave them to it… or they won’t do it!

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