The next 10 years in the CX space will undoubtedly be very interesting. The customer is becoming incredibly sophisticated, and wants and demands are increasingly dictating how products and services are crafted. Thankfully the development of technology is flourishing faster than never before, allowing businesses to take advantage. Through the use of technologies such artificial intelligence, geo-fencing, beacons, etc… the end product will be just as important as the journey one takes to acquire it.

The voice of the customer

Market research data has been present in product and service development for years. However future development will include the voice of the customer in a much more significant manner. Rather than trend hunters dictating products, the dialogue between customers and companies will be open and offerings will be much more meaningful.

When and Where you Want

Same day delivery will be the norm. There will be no more waiting for the doorbell or shortage of stock. You will be able to get whatever you want, whenever you want it. Picture this, you’re Christmas shopping online and find the perfect action figure for your nephew. You add it to your cart, complete the transaction, look over to your left and a 3D printer is creating your order before your very eyes. This form of manufacturing will take over some product offerings and will undoubtedly transform the future of the licensing and the supply chain.


Predictive analytics will further the CX landscape, products will be stocked based on customer profiles and usage. Much like Amazon’s anticipatory shipping model, logistics departments will know what we want before we even buy it, decreasing lead times. With beacons, smart phones and tracking software being installed in brick and mortar there will be an increased ability to create structured analytics on customers. We will continue to understand the customer at greater lengths and be able to craft experiences that touch them throughout their journey.


With companies such as Indochino, the maker of custom menswear making headway, personalization will continue to popularize. Whether it be clothing, entertainment or food, customization is the future. Everyone has their specific desires, and all industries will have to adapt. Perhaps you would prefer to buy your favorite soft drink with a twist of lemon and lime? Bread without the crust? Crazier things have happened…

Personalization in web advertisements is highly targeted through the exploitation of social profiles and existing web history. Picture a world where this is extended beyond our personal screens to mediums such as digital signage.


Out of eggs? Forgot to PVR your favorite show? Not anymore! Smart devices will take charge of our lives and help us perform day-to-day tasks. The grocery store will know when we are out of produce and automatically ship. Our televisions will learn our viewing patterns and when we sit down after a long day it will let us know that it has the newest episode of Shark Tank ready for us.

The evolution of customer experience is only bound by our imagination and next 10 years will certainly give birth to many advancements. As technology advances, our ability to deliver the utopia of customer experience will surely be achieved.

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