Don’t tear your hair out when a bad review comes in – Use it to your advantage.


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Firstly, the numbers

79% = The proportion of consumers who trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

47% = The proportion of UK consumers who have written an online review.

90% = The proportion of customers who believe their buying decisions are influenced by positive online reviews.

What do I do when faced with negative feedback?

Take a bad review about your business by the horns, and use it as an opportunity to:

  • Discover – Find out exactly what the issue is. Take the conversation offline if it looks in danger of becoming incendiary.
  • Engage – Most online review sites give you the right to reply. Use it!
  • Remedy – Work towards a solution that is beneficial to both the customer and yourself*.
  • Improve – Take on board all that has transpired, and use it to improve the service you provide.

*Resolving the customer’s issue is, for you, benefit enough. Why? Read on.

Customer retention strategies

68% of complainants posting negative feedback on a popular social media site were contacted by the business they had issue with. Of these:

  • 34% deleted the original comment.
  • 33% went on to post a positive review.
  • 18% became loyal customers, going on to buy more.

Customer retention and new business

But it isn’t just the 95% of unhappy customers that return when an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently that should drive you to respond to negative feedback. There’s also the prospect of attracting new business.

The unsung benefit of negative feedback

  • 30% of consumers suspect foul play when they can’t see any negative reviews.
  • 68% of consumers place greater trust in reviews with good and bad scores.
  • Nobody’s perfect. Consumers expect to see negative reviews – and those customers who seek them out convert 67% more.

Negative reviews build trust. Engaging with negative reviews should be part of customer retention strategies.

And if you’re still not convinced, don’t worry: 75% of online reviews are positive

Take action!

  • Next time you see a negative review, give a timely and exact response. Even if the review seems unfair, don’t take it personally.
  • If you can, respond and explain how you’re going to remedy the issue.
  • Remember that every business gets bad reviews – in fact, many shoppers think a business with no negative reviews has faked their results.
  • Remember that not everyone is out to get you – despite common perception, reviewers often make positive comments too.
  • And finally, bear in mind that of those unhappy customers you respond to, 95% return and 1 in 5 end up becoming a loyal customer.

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