Busting the fallacies surrounding online reviews, one myth at a time.

The myths of online reviews

Myth 1:

“Online reviews are all fake!”


Although there is indeed a proportion of online reviews that are fake… 9 out of 10 reviews are genuine and reflect how much your customers care.What’s more important is that…79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Myth 2:

“Online reviews have no effect on consumer behaviour!”


On the contrary, on-site reviews can… actually improve conversion rates by +58%.

Myth 3:

“Today’s web savvy lot aren’t taken in by someone else’s opinion!”


Over 50% of consumers in the 18 – 34 bracket trust the online views of strangers over those of friends and family.

Myth 4:

“Consumers make their decisions based on product descriptions!”


Except research shows that people find online reviews nearly 12 times more trustworthy than a manufacturer’s info-dump.

Myth 5:

“Only dissatisfied customers leave reviews!”


For every bad review collected… there are 12 positive reviews being posted.

18% = The average sales uplift online reviews can bring to your business:

·        Conversion uplift – 11%

·        Average order uplift – 2%

·        Visitor return rate – 5%

“We know brands who embrace consumer reviews get more sales. We also know that most reviews are positively glowing […] So why are so many companies still on the fence when it comes to really opening up?”  – Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image

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