Over the years, sales teams have become more and more dispersed. Of course, it makes a lot of sense to have your reps working remotely rather than sitting at a desk – and now business practices have begun to catch up. And by catching up, I mean training sales leaders to manage reps that work from home and drive results regardless of proximity. The biggest advantage you can give these managers are the tools that provide insight into each rep’s day-to-day activity.

While the makeup of a standard sales team was undergoing this massive change, mobile devices have become the screen of first influence (check out this infographic to see just how much times are a-changin’). It’s important that your CRM tool adapts, too, and that means providing a comprehensive mobile CRM application.

Here are a few more reasons your modern sales team needs to go mobile, now:

Mobile CRM is the future

You saw the infographic – use of personal computers is on the decline, and mobile usage is rapidly increasing. In fact, Gartner research reports that mobile CRM applications will grow by 500% by 2014 – which is incredible as the end of the year is rapidly approaching. If your business isn’t offering your reps a mobile CRM solution (and hopefully, one that’s native and easy to use), you’ll be scrambling to catch up in a year or two.

Mobile + flexible = loyal

Studies show that employees who are given flexible perks, like the ability to bring their own device or work remotely, are more engaged in their work and more loyal to the company that employs them. That means providing a mobile CRM application that works encourages your reps to unchain themselves from their desks, get out there and sell.

Mobile CRM encourages engagement

By giving your reps mobile CRM, you’re offering a solution to an age-old drag on productivity. You know, the one that involves taking copious notes during meetings then desperately trying to hold onto them until next week when you finally get back to your desk. A mobile CRM solution makes it easy for reps to use the software, reducing frustration and increasing engagement.

Mobile increases data accuracy

Every sales manager knows how chasing sales data in an attempt to get it in your CRM goes. If the contacts, calls and emails don’t make it into your tool right away, chances that they ever get there are pretty slim. That’s where mobile CRM comes in – allowing reps to log all the details right away, increasing the amount of accurate information in your database. The days of your sales reps waiting to get back to the office to update their contacts and accounts are officially over.

Has your sales team gone mobile yet? If not, it’s time. Base offers comprehensive, native apps for your modern sales team – included in every single subscription. Leave a comment below and tell me about your mobile strategy, and how it’s working for you.