Any instance where a student or buyer is able to interact experientially with a product, service, lesson or otherwise creates an opportunity. An opportunity where interested parties on both sides of the experience enjoy long-term benefits long after the interaction has taken place.

Driving Deeper Connections with … YOU!

I_hate_Dirty_Hands Combining experiential marketing efforts with an educative experience opens the pathway for greater consumer reliability, from the convention hall or tradeshow floor to the classroom. Done correctly, experiential education and marketing events result in the consumer connecting deeply enough with your brand that they become an inspired self-appointed promoter.

Due to the sense of functional purpose found in experiential education, individuals achieve a deeper level of engagement on the part of the student and a similar vein holds true with experiential marketing. People relate powerfully to one another when their cause is similar and purpose driven.

Jeder Liebt Experiential Marketing Ya!

The cause may be inspired by any number of things, perhaps you’ve been inspired to team up with friends and build the world’s greatest human-powered flying machine (a la RedBull’s Flugtag) or, perhaps you were recently inspired to ‘Share a Coke’ with a friend because you found a bottle with their name on its label.

Experiential Education For A Cause (From The Heart Sells)

HarleygaragepartyOne company experiencing great success through experiential education and marketing is Harley Davidson. They are enjoying great success with their all-female garage parties featuring experiential educational opportunities, spa treatments, a silent auction inspired by the fight and understanding of breast cancer. An all-male service staff and a pink carpeted entry set the stage for women to relate to and be personally empowered by the motorcycle-riding experience.

Experiential Marketing Takes Many Forms

There are many ways to connect with consumers on an experiential level. From 3-D experiences on the tradeshow floor to a full on combination of online/offline experiences that allow the consumer to participate in their own time and space, experiential marketing really is on the rise.

Jump On The Bandwagon (Hey, There’s An Experiential Idea…)

As long as their approach is sincere and consistent with a strong sense of public purpose that resonates long after the experience has ended, any marketing executive who pairs his or her team’s efforts with an experiential component reaps the benefits of the enhanced consumer experience and accomplishes far more than simply marketing their brand.