No matter what business you are in, what business model you have or what size your business is there is one rule that every single business MUST follow in order to grow – Customer Retention. The only way to retain customers is to have a customer experience strategy in place that makes the service you offer them utterly brilliant at fulfilling their needs.

Ultimately in order to be rewarded for your efforts, your goal in business is three-fold:

  • Attract prospects
  • Develop Customers
  • Retain Customers (Gaining loyal evangelists of your product or service)

In to this mix, I like to consider a final piece of the jigsaw which is to mobilise the evangelists of your business to share the glowing experience they have received courtesy of your business to their friends and family.

This is particularly important when it comes to the online space because of the rapid rate of change. Customers can quickly, in the blink of an eye, click away from your website and find an eager competitor who is only too willing to embrace and satisfy their needs.

Businesses advance, technologies emerge at break neck speed and customers need change which is why a customer experience strategy is pivotal to your ongoing success.

Take Argos one of the leading direct catalogue companies in the UK. They have realised that clients’ needs have changed. People want flexibility, they want to be able to order online and then pick up their order when it suits them rather than waiting in on a designated 8 hr delivery window. As such they are closing 75 stores and focussing on revamping and enhancing their online presence to meet the consumer demand.

In business being stationary and non agile is a one way ticket to administration. You have to move with the times and make sure that you continue to attract, retain and gain referrals from customers in order to sustain a competitive advantage amongst the rapidly changing market place.

It is no longer good enough to be run of the mill or to be just ok at what you do. You have to be great! Each and every touch point the client has with your business has to be superb, from initial contact via search engines, via the telephone or email, right the way through to the after care and educating the client in how to get the maximum benefit of your product or service.

Closing the deal, making the sale is only a small step of the customer life cycle journey. Up your game, deliver everything that you said you would and more and then more again. By doing this you have the opportunity to create a loyal customer who will stick with you for years to come, providing pre-qualified clients for your business through referrals.

Technology might have changed but business remains the same. Be great at what you do from start to finish and your business will not only survive but will flourish.