Make a promise to your employees too

Developing a Customer Promise can be both exciting and invigorating for a company, providing a platform for a new way of dealing with and treating customers in order to earn their loyalty. But what does your Customer Promise mean to your staff? Do they enjoy the same experience, or do they feel that their experience falls short of what they are being asked to deliver to customers?

Many companies are recognising that they need to earn the loyalty of their employees, just as they need to earn the loyalty of customers and have therefore taken the time to develop a ‘People Promise’.

The first and most obvious requirement of a People Promise – or Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – is that it is congruent with the organisation’s Customer or Brand Promise. As Peter Simpson, Commercial Director at First Direct said:

“You can’t pretend to be one style of brand to your consumers if you’re a different style of brand to your people”.

The second requirement is that a People Promise needs to tap into what really matters to employees – what they value in their work. We know when employees are valued and given the opportunity contribute they become engaged and that leads to a motivated, committed workforce who are prepared to go the extra mile. A Customer Promise defines what an organisation is committing to deliver to customers, consistently, that is both valuable and differentiated. Similarly, a People Promise needs to describe what it will deliver to employees that will earn their commitment and loyalty.

One way of expressing a People Promise is to do so through the lens of the employees’ journey. By taking a closer look at what the organisation needs to deliver at key employee touch points such as; advertising, recruitment, the hiring process, staff induction, right through to the performance management process, a company can create a high engagement, high satisfaction and highly loyal workforce which will translate through to an outstanding customer experience.

When we worked with O2 a number of years ago they developed a People Promise – a collection of aspirations describing of what they wanted O2 to become. This was brought to life within every team across the business to make O2 a better place to work.

Above: The stages of the O2 People Promise

From the moment a potential new employee sees a recruitment ad, the employee proposition should come alive, in its tone of voice, its messaging and its appearance. Mirroring the customer promise internally, ensuring that the employee touch points create value and are systematically aligned to your brand or customer promise and then staying the course even when times are tough are how to build employee and customer loyalty – the keys to profitable growth.

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