Stellar customer service, without exception, remains a pivotal component of a company’s success. And, behind every successful company are your resilient and blissful front liners, also known as, customer service representatives. However, if they are not happy with the environment, they could be inconsistent, which is not good for your company.

According to the neuroscientists cited in an article by, workers perform much better when they are happy. Likewise, if they are more engaged with their jobs and co-workers, they work harder and smarter.

In fact, statistics show that more customers are likely to avail a product if the customer service representative has a genuine smile and offers a better “human service.” This goes to show that customers are smart and are able to distinguish a “real” human touch from a fake one.

So, how do we make customer service fun, despite the stressful challenges? How do we maintain all laughs and notwithstanding the quality of someone who can boost sales and implement strategies at the same time? I will give you a quick guide to help morph your customer service from boring to fun!

Use Emoticons, Professionally

There are two kinds of customer service support: voice and non-voice. However, non-voice is harder as it doesn’t involve any face-to-face interactions. Without carefully selected wording, it’s possible you could come across as rude, which is the last thing you want to happen.

The skill for creating straightforward email messaging without sounding rude is not a simple one to acquire. Thankfully, there are emoticons and emojis that you can include in your live chats or emails, which are absolutely recognized by companies worldwide. Please bear in mind that the overuse of emoticons may show a lack of professionalism, so use it properly and with discretion.

Capitalize On Your Customers

Gathering recommendations or testimonials from your loyal customers is just one of the many ways to boost your sales. At times, you might even see your customers post reviews of your products online, maybe include a selfie including the product with a great update or caption attached to it.

Therefore, spend some time and money on your customers by inviting them to do a “live” testimonial for your website. I am sure even the shyest customers would say yes to your invitation!

Start a Loyalty Program

Customers love companies that treat them like rock stars! Similar to Amazon’s prime membership, going the extra mile by giving them a decent discount or an option to trade-in, could go a long way.

Start a Loyalty Program

You may also give rewards to your social-media savvy customers with special discounts and exclusive promotions. You could give more points to them once they check-in on Foursquare or provide a nice review or feedback via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

This way you are not only soliciting for feedback but also gaining an opportunity to improve for the better.

Invite Customers to Future Events and Product Launches

Let’s face it, the reason why your company is flourishing is straightforward: your customers. Invite them to your parties or events (e.g. product launches), so they will feel they belong and that their opinion matters.

Invite Customers and Employees to Your Events and Product Launches

A good example is the Brother Philippines, wherein they invited a few of their customers during the unveiling of their new printers and loyalty programs back in February of 2015.

Develop a Healthy Company Culture

What is the most common reason why most customer service agents are hesitant to build rapport with their customers? They are not comfortable with the company. This has nothing to do with their ability to speak, but more likely, with unrealistic goals and policies by the organization.

Sure there are metrics to follow, but you didn’t hire these people to sound like robots, did you? Loosen up a little, and help them unleash their creativity and fun traits. Wouldn’t it be a lot nicer if we do it naturally? Or at least, sound natural?

Hire someone who is jolly, creative, and outgoing to help establish a fun workplace. Then let them go share that cheer.

One Last Thing: Give Power to Your Front Liners!

There is a reason why they are called representatives. They represent your company in a nice way.

These poor folks are the ones being scolded, cursed, and yelled at, and still brush it off like nothing happened! They can build rapport like it’s an easy thing to do.

So, give them proper credit. Encourage and motivate them by giving bonuses and the freedom to do their jobs, accordingly.

Did you know that these agents have small mirrors in their desks at many companies? Yes, they do! Why? Their employers encourage them to do so, to ensure promptness and serve as a reminder to put a smile on their faces — before, during, and after a call.

Keep Your Employees To Make Your Customers Happy

Evidently, having fun at work is infectious. You can spread the “happy virus” across your audience. It is an effective way of showing how passionate you are about your product and how passionate you are in giving exceptional customer service.

Now go have some fun and make the world a better place!

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