Big PictureWe hear the familiar phrase, “The world is getting smaller every day.”

No one would argue the fact that technology is bringing the world closer together like nothing we have ever seen before. Today, people can contact other people across continents and oceans. Our national economy is tied to events occurring in other parts of the world. This type of connection is something that is having an impact on us.

In a similar manner, I believe looking at a company’s big picture every day is really critical. Today, changes can be implemented quite quickly and we can see the impact of those changes in a hurry.

2015 has showed me that “big picture” thinking is really a part of being a great leader. We currently have tools in place to help us see the big picture, especially when it relates to our clients. Here are some examples:

New Accounts

Checking how many new accounts a day are opened. New accounts are opened 95% online today. Clients are able to submit information online in order to setup an account.

Client Inquiries

Every day, it is possible to check how many online inquiries and email inquiries are submitted. This information is helpful in looking at trends and possible leads.

Client Make-up

Google Analytics provides a great source of information from client location, to queried key words, client access technology, and other information.

Client Snapshot

I really like GetClicky. It gives me a quick picture of how many people have come to our site and it tells me how they found us and where they are located. It is the lite version of “Google Analytics.”

These areas are my first line of checks. from here I talk to our client service, account managers, sales managers, executives and department managers to get their perspective on matters that deal with clients. This information helps me formulate a solid picture of who our clients are and where we need to go.


This is where everything is put together with respect to company initiatives. People are looking for direction and want the company to succeed going forward. Everyday I look at where the company is headed and how we can improve. I look at the following areas:

  • How can we improve our employee experience?
  • How can we improve our client experience?

You may think these two questions are too simplistic, but believe me if you delve into them you will find out more information than you ever imagined. The answers to these two questions will ultimately show if you are growing or declining in the metrics stated above.

For me, big picture is all about “the experience.” Think about it, the companies that are successful typically provide great experiences for these two groups of people. If you can identify ways to improve the experience, you will be ion the right path toward meeting and hopefully exceeding the expectations of your clients and employees.

Big Picture is not some visionary report in the future. It is more of a daily report that is constantly edited, refined and implemented. The world is changing faster and is getting smaller. Maybe that same mindset should be applied to our own businesses.