As many companies are aware, in 1992 the U.S. Congress declared the first full week in October “National Customer Service Week.” It is now an event celebrated worldwide. It is a week many companies use to say thanks, encourage, express gratitude, and show their appreciation for their customer service employees. This year’s theme is particularly significant, Ignite a CX Celebration!

2020 has been like no other with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic touching every area of our lives, from work to home to school to church. Even simply meeting for coffee or going to the grocery store are much different, more thought-out experiences now.

Global events have changed the way companies—whether B2B or B2C—interact with their customers. And it’s been up to customer service teams to ensure that customers have seamless, stress-free interactions. Here at TeamSupport, we agree with this year’s theme that customer service professionals should be celebrated!

The best support teams are made up of incredible individuals who get energized by creating positive interactions. They collaborate with each other and with other departments to solve problems. And they drive how satisfied their customers are with the company’s product or service, with those sentiments lasting a long time.

There are no better brand ambassadors than those on your customer support team. It is no wonder there is a full week set aside to acknowledge these outstanding professionals and their work.

Many studies have been done showing a correlation between a company’s level of employee satisfaction and financial performance. National Customer Service Week is the perfect time to remember that and spend some extra time with your service teams. Don’t stop with buying them lunch or sending them a Thank You meme. Here are a few suggestions to dive deeper:

  • Engage them in a conversation to evaluate the performance of your service operation, reinforce the company values and make sure your every member of your service team has the tools they need to do their job.
  • Listen to their comments and suggestions and set a date in the future to meet again to review what changes have been made based on their feedback.
  • Post signs or posters around the company highlighting the support team members and their accomplishments from the year. And leave them up!
  • Ask a few of your customers to send in a video thanking a particular individual or the entire team and post it on the company’s internal and customer-facing websites and social media channels.

Take advantage of this week to boost the morale of your help desk and customer service staff. And don’t let that appreciation end when the week is over. Instead make it a regular practice and celebrate your customer service successes every day!