Bezos Centers Amazon’s Entire Ecosystem Around Client Experience

Perhaps Jeff Bezos in his 60 Minutes interview said it best when he said…

“Even though our pricing elasticity studies show us time and time again that we should raise prices we don’t.”

I mean, what is a better source of client focused inspiration than a quote from the 25 billion dollar man himself.

In serious though, it wasn’t his quote that was so profound, but rather his reasoning.

Why won’t he raise prices even when the economics show that they can, and it wouldn’t have a great impact on their sales?

How about this, TRUST?

Bezo’s number one concern about raising prices was that the long term impact would be too great because client trust would be damaged beyond repair.

Where Does Customer Experience Stack Up In Your Organization?

If I was to ask you about client or customer experience in your organization, what would you tell me?

In your memos, meetings and daily operations, how much is it talked about?

More importantly in your daily actions, how much is your attention to creating great customer experiences showing through in the deliverable?

Companies love to analyze the data and talk about processes that may drive better performance.

One thing I hear far too little about is how important customer experience is to the overall strategy.

However, in a world where seemingly everyone is just one or two degrees apart, I am astonished to find out that businesses don’t make customer experience the highest priority.

According to one Forrester study, only 46% of companies even have a companywide program for customer experience.

So while that same study shows that 86% of companies call customer experience a strategic priority, the proof is in the pudding that less than half of them have an active plan in place to make sure the strategy is coming to life.

Funny thing is, I bet every one of those companies has a defined process and strategy for firing non-performers or collecting outstanding revenue. But what makes those things more important than happy customers?

Why Leaders Must Enable Employees to Create Great Customer Experience.

The customer is not always right, but they are always the customer. So treat them well and focus on keeping them for life.

In today’s marketplace even the most transactional customer can impact your business for a long time. Just think about how online reviews and lost referrals can impact any business.

One thing that every leader must know is that customer centric organizations must start at the top.

It is the role of the leader to make sure that the customer is the primary focus of every activity. It is from this level of focus that profit is created.

That satisfaction drives repeat business, and it also drives new business.

As leaders though, we must position our employees and team members in situations where they can make clients happy. Talk about it often and show it in the way we engage with our clients.

Set limits and understanding for what employees can do to make sure their customers are happy. Letting them know that they have your support in cases where satisfaction seems difficult to find.

In the end businesses that focus on customer first will see greater results. Amazons’ Bezos may be saying it on 60 Minutes but customers around the world are showing it every day with their wallets and the purchasing decisions that they make.

How Does your Business Focus On Customer Experience and Enabling Employees To Lead In Its Delivery?