Net Promoter Score or better known as NPS was introduced in 2003 and since then it has made a lot of waves in the ocean of customer satisfaction. Many of the companies have included the process of NPS in their system to measure customer satisfaction and work based on that.

In today’s world, measurement of anything plays an important role in defining its worth. NPS is also a measuring tool that is capable of measuring customer satisfaction. More or less, it can be said that the NPS software is mainly customer satisfaction measurement software.

The Popularity of Net Promoter Score

Over time, many companies are seen adopting the Net Promoter Score Software for measuring customer satisfaction. One of the major reasons for doing so is because it offers the companies to take feedback from the customers in a quick way. Also, the same format can be repeated to several customers in order to know the trend.

The question is provided with a rating scale from 1 to 10 from which the customers need to rate. With such a format, it gets quite easy for the operator to calculate the trend by knowing how many customers are there who are very much satisfied while how many are the customers with a problem with the company. It helps the company in understanding the loopholes upon which they can work and bring in new ways to get more satisfied customers in the future.

Is Net Promoter Score Worth an Option to Use?

There have been a number of software options in the market in order to measure customer satisfaction. Recently NPS is the one that is making rounds and is getting popular. But will this software stay for a longer time? It depends totally upon the handling of the software well.

The software offers a ‘Feel Good’ factor when customer satisfaction is found on the higher side. But again there can be a number of things that can also lead to the downfall of the software.

The only difference between this app and the customer feedback app is that NPS measures the satisfaction level of the customers in numbers. But the calculations are done based on the feedback provided by the customers of different sentiments. There can be a number of loopholes here.

  • The survey is conducted only on a few customers. It depends on the mood of the customers whether they wish to provide feedback or not.
  • There can be times when the data is not authentic in the system that can lead to incorrect results.
  • The wrong handling of the software can lead to wrong results again.
  • It is not that the software has nothing to contribute to the actual measuring of customer satisfaction. It is only that it has to be used in the correct way to get the right results.

As mentioned earlier, NPS is based on the sentiments of the customers. Customers rank the questions from a level of 1 to 10 and based on that the calculations are made. It is, of course, a ‘Feel Good’ metric because it feels good when the customer satisfaction level is shown high on the software. But it is just a grain in the world of customer service. It is very important that the right software is used and also in the right way so that the exact outcomes can help in offering a better service. While making use of the software, it is important to take care of a number of things.

  • It should be tried to take feedback from all the customers who are taking service from the company. This will help in getting more exact feedback and satisfaction score.
  • It should be checked that the inputs made in the software should be tweaked by someone. The authenticity of the data should be maintained in order to get the exact result.
  • When the company is working to improve the service, the results of the NPS should change from time to time. If it is not, then there must be an issue with data handling.
  • Proper analysis should be done of the data and the calculations in order to check where exactly the company stands in case of the customer satisfaction score.

There are a number of reasons that can state Net Promoter Score to be a ‘Feel Good’ metric. One of the most basic and the most common is that it is easily understandable and is also quite easy in explanation. But again though it can be a software to use for the purpose of customer feedback and measuring customer satisfaction, it cannot be trusted alone because there is no such reliability of the data validation.

If the software is used in the right way, it can serve to offer a much closer measurement that is required. Also, one of the fair ideas is to make use of the right software in order to make use of it without worries. Even when the software may have a small role to play, it can still offer a base on which the company can make some decisions to improve upon the service.