As mobile devices become an increasingly central part of everyday life, brands are facing new challenges in keeping their audience engaged and loyal. Customers are being inundated with messages on their phones, tablets and computers, making it hard for any outreach to stand out from the crowd.

Intelligent Delivery gives marketers a simple, powerful way to capture and keep their customers’ attention. Below, find out more about Intelligent Delivery and how using it can significantly benefit your marketing efforts.

What is Intelligent Delivery?

Quick and easy answer: It’s a message delivery feature that identifies when each targeted customer is most likely to engage with your outreach and ensures that the messages you send are delivered during that window.

Diving into detail: Intelligent Delivery leverages predictive technology and data on each customer’s interactions with your brand to identify individual peaks of potential engagement across messaging channels. It then automatically deploys messages so they arrive at the time when each member of your audience is most likely to read and engage. This feature takes the guesswork out of campaign scheduling, increasing conversions and saving marketers valuable time.

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Charting Peak Engagement Using Behavioral Data

What Results Has Intelligent Delivery Produced?

By examining data drawn from more than 5,000 campaigns carried out by 90 clients, Appboy has found that use of Intelligent Delivery leads to significantly better results than traditional time-based delivery options. On average, Intelligent Delivery usage lifted conversions by at least 15% in every messaging channel, with some channels showing increases of over 30%.

Intelligent Delivery is simple to use – results like these can be had with the click of a button. To learn more, read our special report, Intelligent Delivery: Why sending messages at the right moment matters, for a comprehensive look at this powerful feature.