Recently, I was having an issue with my Jawbone UP! band syncing with my iPhone. When I discovered the issue I immediately started dreading the process of contacting Jawbone, including the long wait on the phone and customer service advice that would most likely will result in a charge for some new part or a new band in general. After finally mustering up the courage to call, I was completely shocked at the amazing customer service I received over the phone. Not only did I get the information I needed in order to fix my band, but the representative also gave me an email address that will allow me to directly contact her if I had any other questions. This experience not only left me in a good mood (which is rare after calling a customer service line) but it also left me with a positive image of Jawbone, a desire to purchase more Jawbone products in the future, and telling my friends, family and even co-workers about the amazing customer service I had received. So, kudos to Jawbone.

While I was thoroughly impressed with Jawbone’s customer service, I can’t say the 6237893181_50a87ec8df_bsame for many other companies. Every one of us could list off at least five companies we have had a horrible customer service experience with and regardless of how long ago it happened, that negative encounter has probably had an effect on how you view the company. According to Edelman, 87% of people want more meaningful interactions with brands, but only 17% think brands are actually delivering that. So, if customer service is so important to consumers, we’re all left wondering why businesses are not providing it.

Here at SheerID, we are committed to having superior customer service for both our clients and consumers looking for discounts. We encourage and welcome our customers to give us feedback on how their experience was. While we are not perfect, many of our customers are satisfied with the customer service they received. Here’s a few examples of what customers liked about our customer service in particular:

“First let me thank you and the PGA for providing complimentary tickets to this special professional golfing event to retired military members and their spouse. The help you provided me in completing the form requesting the tickets was invaluable. And it was delivered very timely and accurate. But especially the person I talked to yesterday was very friendly and anxious to be of service. I received the positive feedback that allowed me to print out the “tickets” this morning. Thank you.” – Steve R USAF, Ret

“I just wanted to greatly compliment Alicia M. for her quick response to my Spotify student verification. I was in a good mood, so I replied to the acceptance with a thank you (I never do that, but I noticed that it didn’t have one of the typical “Do not respond to this account, you won’t get a reply” messages). I was very surprised to see a response. She didn’t have to do that, but she did! She went out of her way to put a smile on my face and I have to say that even though it’s a small gesture, it really makes me appreciate her work even more.” – Lance D.

“Have never had better customer service. Straight to the point, and rapid responses. Amazing! Beyond satisfied.” – Isabelle B.

“I didn’t know Foot Locker had a military discount, so was pleasantly surprised when I found out at the end of ordering a pair of shoes for my daughter. Then I was disappointed when it looked like I might not get to use it because of having to prove it (which of course, makes sense). Imagine my delight and surprise when it took me twice as long to scan my ID as it did for your Customer Service to approve my status!! Thank you so much for your great, prompt customer service!! I have never really shopped at Foot Locker, online or otherwise, but I have a feeling I will be back! A happy customer.” – Christine H.

You might be wondering why I shared these – and no, I’m not trying to brag about how awesome we are. Each of these reviews shows what customers are looking for when they have a customer service experience and how it relates to their emotional and social needs.

  • Emotional needs – there’s nothing worse than feeling like a customer service representative doesn’t care about the trouble you are having. When customers connect with you, they feel like you have heard what they have to say and that you care about their situation.
  • Social needs – customers feel appreciated when companies are in support of important things other than itself, like our troops, teachers, students, first responders, etc. Offering an exclusive discount is a great way to reach these markets and show your support for them.

Customer service is key a piece in keeping your customers loyal and happy. Don’t let your company end up on someone’s list for worst customer service. Find out how your company can meet your customers emotional and social needs. If you really need some inspiration, maybe even think to yourself “What Would Jawbone (or SheerID) Do?”