The reception of your company is the gateway to your organization. There are different types of visitors who visit your organization on a daily basis. Visitors coming to your organization come from various backgrounds. They could be anyone from potential new hires coming in for an interview, prospective clients who may turn out to be really important. Regardless of the types of visitors that you are expecting at your organization, it is very crucial that you process them quickly and welcome them warmly.

While designing a visitor’s management system, it is very essential to consider the different phases of a visitor management system which are:

  • Before the Visit
  • Arrival of the Visitor
  • Time Spent in the Organization by the Visitor
  • Departure of the Visitor

It is very important to consider each and every phase of the visitor management process when it comes to receiving guests. Now that the importance of reception management is clear to us

Let us see how does a lobby management system helps in increasing the business efficiency as well as the customer service which you provide to your customers.

Decrease in Labor Cost: Traditionally it is observed that a front desk officer welcomes the visitors which enter into your premise. However hard they work, there are still times when the visitors end up in a queue as a result of a sudden mass of guests. This makes it necessary to add one more person who will attend to the visitors. This additional cost in order to handle the reception may not be necessary. You can simply have a visitor sign-in system through which you can prompt your visitors to sign-in using a tab at the front desk.

In case the receptionist is not present, the visitors can easily log themselves in and alert the employees of their arrival. The data of each and every visitor is stored automatically in the cloud for future references. This also minimizes the accessibility of this data to just anyone in your organization.

Less Paperwork, Less Cost: This may sound like a small deal, the cost of paper, but if you look at the annual cost you will realize it does make a big difference. We are living in an age where it is high time where we look for eco-friendly processes and systems which help the business as well as the environment. Switching to a digital visitor sign-in system will reduce paperwork significantly as your organization will be getting rid of the logbooks and sheets which come with a manual visitor management process. This will help in reducing the cost of the paper required as well as help towards the betterment of the environment.

Save Storage Space: There are a lot of people who come in daily in the organization for some or the other reason. For security concerns, it is very necessary to maintain information about who entered the premises and when. When you use a manual logbook, you need to keep it safe as well. The logbooks take up a lot of storage space and over the years maintaining it will become really difficult. To avoid this problem you may have to transfer this data from the logbook to the computer which will take up a lot of time and human efforts. A visitor’s management system takes care of this problem quite efficiently as all the data is stored in the cloud and you can access it anytime you want and from anywhere you want as well.

Never Miss an Important Visitor: At times it happens that you are expecting a visitor but you are stuck in traffic or cannot get to the office in time due to another important meeting. What can be done in such situations? How can you inform the visitor who is waiting for you that you are running late or will not be able to meet? This is also covered by a digital visitor management system. This system sends out an email as soon as your visitor enters the organization. This system also gives you the option of replying to the person who is waiting for immediately when you get the notification. This helps in business development as well as providing better service to your visitors. It also increases your goodwill as it is very irritating for the visitors when they are left unattended.

Provides Additional Security: A visitor management system strengthens the security of your organization. The data of the visitors who visit your organization is safe and secure and available only to you not to any other people who visit your organization. Your trade secrets, intellectual property is safe as you have the exact data of who has entered your premises when and has left when. Every move of your visitor has been tracked and thus it helps you maintain a secure work environment for your employees as well.

A visitor management system provides a very professional feel to your office. The people who visit your office are really impressed by the way you handle visitors which automatically increases the goodwill of your company through mouth publicity as well. It is about time that you bid adieu to the traditional logbook system and welcome the more efficient and visitor-friendly digital reception which will be a win-win for both your organization as well as your visitors.