List Products on Google for Free

Google recently announced that it is bringing free listings to the Google Shopping tab. Similar to the way it allows websites to be listed on Google Search for free, listings for retailers are now eligible to appear on the Shopping tab free of charge. With the recent social distancing measures affecting virtually all brick and mortar businesses, it is more important than ever for brands and retailers to list their inventory online for purchase.

This is a major announcement for shoppers, advertisers, and most importantly, retailers. Shoppers will get the added benefit of seeing more products from more stores right on the Shopping tab. Advertisers can now pair paid campaigns with free listings. For retailers, this change means free exposure to the millions of searchers who choose Google every day for their shopping needs.

Get Free Exposure on Surfaces Across Google

What is Surfaces Across Google?

Hundreds of millions of consumers initiate shopping-related searches on Google every day. The Surfaces Across Google program allows searchers to see in-store products in unpaid product listings across Google Search, Google Images, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and Google Lens. Here are examples of how unpaid listings would appear on each Google surface:

Google Shopping Tab

Retailers’ products can now be displayed in unpaid listings on the Google Shopping tab by opting their products in to Surfaces Across Google. This allows shoppers to see more products from more stores. Product attributes such as price, availability, and ratings are eligible to show in unpaid, organically-ranked listings.

Surfaces Across Google
Surfaces Across Google allows shoppers to see more products from more stores.

Google Search

When searchers use Google Search to shop for products, they require results that are more visual than a typical listing. Therefore, Google will show listings that include images, titles, brands, ratings, and more product information. Consumers can explore products offered by several brands and retailers, with links directly to their web store where they can make a purchase.

Google SERP with Surfaces Across Google product listings
Google will show listings that include images, titles, brands, ratings, pricing and more product information.

Google Maps

When a search is performed near a local store for a product that’s available in-store, the location listing will appear in Google Search as a Google Maps result. The listing will include store rating, address, hours, phone number, in-store availability, as well as approximate distance from the searcher.

Google Maps with product data
Google Maps even features products using Surfaces Across Google.

Google Images

When searchers look for products and brands on Google Images, they will see images labeled with the “Product” annotation. This tells them that the product displayed is available for purchase. Product details including price, availability, ratings, and brand, can display directly on the image as well as in the expanded view of the image.

Google Images with product for sale

Google Images feature products for sale.
Google Images with Surfaces Across Google (now much more streamlined).

Get Your Inventory On Google

Over the last several months, Google Partners like dbaPlatform and Locally have worked with brands and retailers to get their live inventory synced to Google as part of Google’s SWIS( See What’s In-Store) program. Now, making the connection between SWIS and Surfaces Across Google will be simpler than ever.

Which Businesses Can Participate in Surfaces Across Google?

Businesses eligible for the program must follow the required policies to show products on Surfaces Across Google, as well as meet one of the following:

  • Submit a feed through Google Merchant Center to participate in Surfaces Across Google by opting-in to the corresponding program in Merchant Center.
  • Sites with structured data markup will automatically have products shown on Surfaces Across Google without directly participating in the program. They can opt-out at any time.

This is a potential game-changer for U.S. retailers to merge brick and mortar locations with e-commerce operations. Do you think Surfaces Across Google will help to save traditional retail?