Your customer’s experience is one of the most important factors in getting repeat customers. If their experience does not meet their expectations, you can bet they won’t be back. On the flip side, if your brand has developed a formula for a winning CX, promoting it to your potential leads will help you convert them to customers. Promote your customer experience (CX) in your content and show them what to expect. There are several ways to achieve this.

Case Studies

Especially true for B2B brands, writing case studies that detail a specific customer’s experience and how you helped them solve a problem is one of the best ways to showcase your brand’s CX through content. Case studies are extremely valuable content tools for sales conversion.

“Asking your customers to talk about their experience with your brand is a pretty clear cut way to promote CX using content”, says Christine Glossop from Looka.

Your case study should:

  • Be about a customer that your target customers can relate to—they can frame the problems as their own
  • Tell a story about your customer, their problems, and how you solved them
  • Include true data
  • Detail your strategy
  • Include quotes from your customer
  • Be prominent on your website so your leads can actually find them and read them

Product Updates

If you’ve improved your product or service, why wouldn’t you promote this fact? Product updates make excellent content fodder. When writing blogs, emails or social media posts about your updates, be sure to detail the value these updates provide and don’t do it in a boring or technical way. Have step-by-step examples of how these updates can make life easier for your customers and potential customers. Make the announcement exciting enough that your readers really do want to check out your products.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

How can you ultimately prove your customers are having a good experience? Let your customers do the talking. You can do this with:

  • Customer reviews
  • Reposts on social media
  • Testimonials
  • Web galleries on Instagram
  • Videos of your customers using your products happily

“UGC of your customers using, enjoying, and connecting with your products or services is maybe the most impactful way to promote your CX using content. By giving customers the microphone and letting them create the content, you get the most authentic version of what your brand’s customer experience is actually like,” says Glossop.

The best part about UGC is the cost. User-generated content can be absolutely free to produce, although, with a little bit of a budget and know-how, you can generate even more (think: contests, incentives, etc., for the users generating the content).

Answer Customer Questions

Let your customers determine the topics for your content by taking their questions and giving them the answers. Not only do you provide value to your readers, you espouse your knowledge and create a database of content that is extremely useful to anyone who visits your website.

“Anticipating needs is central to delivering a great customer experience and should be top of mind throughout the entire customer journey. Your content marketing engine can help you head off customer questions and needs before they’re ever expressed. From chatbots to emails, your customers have already raised important questions for you, but don’t simply address them and move on. This is great fodder for content development, as others are probably asking the very same”, says David Greenberg of Act-On.

How do you find out the questions your users have? Troll on forums and social media accounts of influencers in your industries and your competition. Even better, check out what your customers are asking on your social media pages and through your customer service representatives.

“We don’t create and publish content randomly—each piece of content we have is inspired by a customer support ticket or a question that a customer had at some point. If they need help with a specific aspect of using our app, we write down their request and start drafting a piece of content around it. That way, we’ve been able to create some great posts that not only promote our product, but also help our existing customers with any problems they may be having. It’s a superb way of showing off what your product can do and be helpful at the same time,” says Matt Scholz of Airfocus.

Explain Clearly How a Product Works and How it Provides Value

Your product descriptions are another perfect way to showcase the value your products provide and how they make your CX great. Don’t underestimate the power of your product descriptions when strategizing your content marketing strategy.

For Aastha Shah of Meetanshi, the product description is very valuable in promoting CX in content. They also create detailed user guides with screenshots of customers using their products. “The product description content is created in such a way that explains a customer clearly how the product is going to solve their issue.”

Your customers’ experience is going to be an important indicator of your brand’s success, especially in these times where people have the time to research, have limited budgets, and want to make sure their problems are solved and not exacerbated by purchasing your brand’s services or products. Letting them know ahead of time what to expect by promoting the great CX your customers have had by promoting it in your content is a surefire way to gain new customers and keep existing ones.