The phrase “easier said than done” really applies to so many things in life. I laugh while watching the Olympics and a gymnast falls off the balance beam. I holler at my TV when a basketball player misses a well-defended layup. A singer misses a high note; a comedian’s joke falls flat. I can sit on the couch and chuckle at their misstep all I want, but really…it’s easier said than done.

Marketers would agree the same goes for a digital customer experience strategy. To home in on your customers interests, behaviors, and schedule sounds, well, not that hard. At least to an outsider. After all, the data is out there—an app user opens your app every morning on their morning run, it seems easy to consider this data when planning your campaigns. But marketers know it’s a monumental undertaking and crafting personalized campaigns and messaging to your entire customer base sounds near impossible.

Segmentation has been the go-to for years. Create messaging for people 18-39, for men or women, for a city’s residents, the list goes on. But that really doesn’t add that much value to your customer’s experience. Not all millennial-aged women in Boston are the same. So how can brands really get into the nitty gritty when it comes to marketing personalization?

We’ve crafted a webinar series to help lead marketers build a digital customer experience through a personalized framework. The series is divided into three parts where we will discuss:

  • How to deepen your personalization strategies and establish processes for consistent, targeted, and engaging messaging
  • Implementing dynamic content, such as GIFs and videos to your customer engagement strategies
  • An omnichannel strategy where all your messaging is cohesive across customer channels

The first webinar will discuss your first step to a more engaging customer experience: personalization and developing a framework in which to follow to make a seemingly impossible task, manageable. We’ll share our new 6Ws of personalization framework to help you systematically build out your personalized messaging. The framework creates a step-by-step approach instead of trying to think of all the segments within your market at once.

Then in our second webinar, we’ll discuss how, by using dynamic content, you’ll be able to see more engagement with your messaging. Research has shown that push notifications that include pictures, GIFs, and videos see higher engagement rates. We’ll cover dynamic content in any format to create rich, creative messaging that will resonate with your audience.

In our third and final webinar, we’ll talk about taking an omnichannel approach to your digital customer experience is key. Customers expect consistent interactions across channels, whether that’s social to web or email to mobile. 90 percent of customers want an integrated experience. We can show you how to go from omnichannel aspiration to execution to achievement. A data driven and integrated approach to the customer experience will resonate with your audience and you’ll see wonders when it comes to your engagement rates.