How to Make Your Customers Feel Important

Every server in the restaurant industry has their own style, their own manner, and their own way of interacting with their customers. Their goal is to make their customers feel important and serve them well.

Some service styles are formal and professional, some are relaxed and carefree, and some are “by-the-book” without showing much emotion and simply going through the steps of service. But most servers are friendly and really try to make your dining experience enjoyable. The same goes for anyone else in the service industry.

How Do You Make Your Customers Feel Important?

Personalize Customer Service

To be a little more personal, many of today’s service employees try to connect with their customers by using local slang and familiar terms when speaking to them. But this may not be the best tactic and is where some problems can arise.

Customers don’t expect much. They don’t need a linguist or someone fluent in five languages. They don’t need a playwright, a motivational speaker, or a super salesman who can sell us the Brooklyn Bridge either.

What is the Key to Great Service?

But customers can see through the charade of fake service when we use phrases or take actions that we think “make the customer more comfortable”.

Don’t use a southern twang when dealing with a customer you believe is from “the south”. You probably can’t match the accent and may seem like you’re making fun of them.

Don’t treat your customer as the “next customer”. Great service is not transactional, it’s personal. Your customer deserves to be treated as a person and not the “next in line”.

Instead, try to remember your customer’s name. Sure, it’s easier said than done but the benefit is well worth it. This is a wonderful way to connect with your customer.

Anticipate your customer’s needs. Even after you finished the service, maybe there is something else your customer may need or that you can provide to cap off a great service. This is best met by asking questions and observing their actions and body language.

Wanting to make your customer feel important and special is not very difficult to do. Simply follow the same actions you would do when taking care of a special friend or family matter.