Want a website that’s always up, always on?

Of course you do.

So you invested in Amazon Web Services and listened when they told you about the benefits of leveraging economies of scale, of distributed computing resources for better efficiency, of automatic failover between hardware platforms and disaster recovery services, blah blah blah. And then a big thunderstorm came along and there was your brand, tumbling along with the sewage while your customers wondered why they couldn’t get onto your site, retrieve their data, or access vital applications.


Okay, that’s harsh. But if there’s one born every minute, you can make sure you’re not part of that group by finding another way to host your website. You can invest in a gold standard solution like those from Akamai, but it’s going to cost you.

Or you can do what we did: create a failover backup solution for a fraction of the cost by combining three components in an innovative way. Our IT group took existing products and got:

  • “five nines” (99.999%) of uptime for less than $7K a year
  • better bandwidth and a more responsive website on all continents (50% of our customers are outside the U.S.)
  • improved SEO through decreased website load times

We did it by using EdgeDirector. Their DNS services for geo-targeted load balancing gave us redundancy performance for our website. We combined that with tools from watchDirectory, which pushes updates to sites, responds in real time, and makes sure everything is in sync. And then we threw our hat in the ring with Ultima Systems, a hosting provider with the advantage of being local on multiple continents, affordable, and maintenance free. Plus we can load test prior to going live.

The result is an always on, always up website that comes in well under budget. (So we can spend our money on cool things like taking our employees to the movies.)

And no, we have no relationship with these businesses. No kickbacks, no discounts, nothing. We’re Windward, a reporting & document generation software company whose philosophy is we should pay it forward.

That’s why we’re presenting it in a free webinar August 8, where we’ll cover a lot of additional advantages over AWS. Head over to Surefire DNS Failover On A Budget to register – we hope it helps your business, too.