In today’s competitive online shopping space, customers have dozens of options to choose from when purchasing just a single item. Companies across all sectors spend hundreds of millions on making themselves stand out from the competition. However, you can increase your chances of winning in this marketplace for much less than that.

Positive reviews are one of the most likely factors to influence a customer’s purchase from your site. That makes earning these reviews incredibly important. Keep reading to learn how to get your customers to leave good reviews for your products.

Understand How to Ask

If you want something, you’re typically going to have to ask for it. This is as true for earning positive reviews as it is for most other things in life. Your customers are more likely to leave good reviews for your products if you ask them in the right ways.

When deciding how to ask your customers for reviews, start by thinking about the right moment for the question. You’re more likely to get a positive review if you ask the buyer during one of these moments:

  • As they re-purchase or re-order from you
  • After they’ve experienced a demonstrated success with your product
  • After they connect with your brand on social media
  • If they’ve referred another customer to you
  • If they’re spending a lot of time on your website looking at different products

Make a habit out of strategically asking your buyers for reviews during one of these moments. Doing so could significantly increase the likelihood that they leave you one. After you’ve identified which moments are the best to ask in, try to bring that to scale.

BigCommerce found that 50 or more product reviews increase conversion rates by 4.6%. That means getting your consumers to leave these reviews at this quantity can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Getting Good Reviews

Asking for positive reviews is just one part of the equation. You should also be thinking of other ways to increase the rate at which your customers leave good reviews for your products.

One of the best ways to do this is by meeting your customers where they are. For instance, if you want your customers to leave positive feedback on your Facebook page, don’t email them. Send them the request through Facebook Messenger. Similarly, any links that you send should be as targeted as possible. A consumer is much less likely to leave a positive review if they need to search for where to do it on their own.

Creating incentives is another excellent way to get more positive reviews for your products. Customers value their time. By attaching a value to the time it takes for them to leave reviews, you increase the likelihood of them following through. Examples of incentives your business could use include discounts, coupons, prize drawings, and gift cards.

You should also make a habit of responding to every review you receive. A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that companies that do this receive better ratings overall. Customers can appreciate a company who always tries to make it right, even if they failed to do so initially. Using this sentiment to your value is another way to start getting better reviews for your products.