No matter the person, background, position, skills, or accomplishments, everyone has something to offer you to make good customer service great.

Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest American novelists. His philosophy inspires all of us in the service industry to develop good customer service by listening to customer feedback.

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.

Ernest Hemingway


Hemingway’s secret is to listen. If we want to improve how to get customer service feedback, we must listen better to what our customers have to say. Hemingway’s writings are focused on real life experiences, not flowery language disconnected with the raw emotions of daily life. Hemingway’s focus was on behavior, not intelectual concepts. When we get customer service feedback, we must listen for the things that really matter to the customer, we then must act.

Do something about it.>/h3>

The basis of good customer service comes down to behavior, action. We spend far too much time focused on congratulating ourselves on what we do, but not enough time on what we need to do better. What our customers say should be the driver to our actions each day. Not every little decision needs to be dictated by a customer’s opinion, but customer feedback will give you an idea of general trends in what customers need. The more we listen and act on what we hear, the more customer feedback we will receive.

Talk to customers, get their feedback, get their ideas, get their creativity.

Solicit ideas. Inspire creativity. Not everything that is suggested will be the most effective solution. Some ideas will be terrible, but others will be genius. Let people participate in the creative process and you not only add to your development pool, but also enlist them in the cause to carry out the plan that will take shape.

Everyone can tell you one thing that you’re getting right. Everyone can tell you one thing that you’re can do better. Ask, then listen. You’ll find customer service gems in the feedback.