There are a lot of tips that are thrown at small business owners to help them market effectively and grow their businesses. There’s one tip that is rarely touched upon but is very important to reach your customers…connecting the dots.

Where are your customers?

There are many ways you reach out to your customers: in store, email, direct mail, social networks, and your website…just to name a few. It’s important that your message reaches them on each of these platforms. This does not mean you need to put the same message everywhere, but your overall theme should carry over to all touch-points.

Remember that your audience will see this message on many of these platforms, or on just one, so be consistent, have fun, and tell your story!

And ask yourself this

Are there links to your social media channels on your website, in your email newsletters, in your email signature, and signs in your store?

Do your social media sites have a way for your customers to sign-up for your email newsletter, have your store contact information, and a link to your website?

If your answer is no, it is time to begin to connect the dots. Marketing needs to be a holistic approach, not just individual pieces of the puzzle.

Now, more than ever, people do not want to take the time to try and find information that they believe should be readily available. This means that if the information they are seeking is not where they are looking, they may go find a business that gives them the information they’re looking for easily.

The main thing to remember is

Your customers love you and want to be able to find information about you easily, and as they say…the customer is always right!

Remember to connect the dots by constantly thinking about each touch-point and you will not only see happy customers, but you may just see an increase in new customers who have finally found your business and love what you stand for.

How many places can your customers find information about you? We want to know how you make sure your information is in front of your customers. Let us know in the comments below.