As marketers, we all know that the success of your business depends greatly on how satisfied your customers are.

One of the factors that define customer satisfaction is their experience on your website. Without that, you’re at the risk of losing your customers forever. This is especially true when it comes to B2B customers.

In B2B type of business model, the transaction happens between two or more businesses and is largely based on trust and long-term relationships.

Therefore, it’s important for you to offer a quality experience to every visitor that lands on your website. This will not only boost your website’s conversion rate but can also help you gain trust and encourage your customers to come back to your website again.

Here are some of the most effective tips on how to boost B2B customer experience on your website.

1. Offer Live Chat Option

Customer service plays a major role in building a strong customer base for your business. The best way to offer robust customer support is to add a live chat feature to your website.

With this feature, you can easily connect your customers to an agent who can support them with all their queries. The best thing is that your customers don’t even need to dial any number or wait in a queue to talk to your agent. The wait time here is negligible and they can have their answers right away.

Many of these questions are pre-sales related. So by offering them an instant solution, you can easily convert your visitors to customers.

2. Streamline Your Order Process

Imagine a situation where your customer adds all the items to their cart and abandons them because of a complicated checkout process. Can anything be worse than losing your customer in the last stage?

Sometimes we tend to ignore the checkout process which can result in massive damage in the overall business. If you don’t want that to happen, make sure that your checkout process is optimized.

B2B customers are generally wholesale buyers who will make bulk purchases and wouldn’t want to spend much time going through your regular retail shop.

If your order process involves too many steps your visitors may get frustrated. This can result in an increased rate of cart abandonment. To avoid that from happening you can limit the steps in your checkout process. You can also add a progress bar to show the progression of the order steps. By doing so your customers can definitely have a great shopping experience on your website.

Products like Wholesale Suite can help you streamline your checkout process without hiring any professional. It’s WooCommerce Wholesale Order Form can simplify the ordering process for wholesale buyers with its Ajax driven and mobile-friendly interface.

3. Make Your Content Image/Video Heavy

Another way to boost B2B customer experience on your website is to make your content image/video heavy. 71% of B2B businesses are already using videos as part of their marketing strategy and you should use it too.

This will not only increase engagement on your website but can also create an impression on your buyer.

Images and videos can convey much more information than words can. By adding images/videos of your products, you can instantly enhance the product description and offer a better understanding of it.

4. Work on Your Website Speed

One of the most important factors to consider in the internet world is the speed of your website. No one likes a slow site. If your website takes more than 1.7 seconds to load, chances are that you’ll lose the opportunity of converting your visitors.

It’s therefore extremely important that you optimize your website for speed. This can have great impacts on your business:

  • Good website speed will instantly boost the customer’s experience on your website.
  • This will help retain your visitors for longer which can reduce your bounce rate.
  • A low bounce rate is one of the major ranking factors in Google. By decreasing your bounce rate you can secure a better search ranking.

5. Focus on Reducing Your Buyer’s Risk

Another brilliant way to boost B2B customer experience on your website is to focus on reducing your buyer’s risk. B2B customers generally buy products in bulk which needs a lot of investment.

When it comes to making huge investments like this, people want you to opt for risk-free buying. By offering them solid customer service, money-back guarantees, or adding trust badges that highlight how secure your business is, you can let them know that it’s safe to do business with you.

This will give them the confidence to invest in your business which will automatically boost their shopping experience.

Over to You

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of your business. So it should be your top-most priority to ensure that you offer the best service possible in terms of user experience on your website. With these tips, you can improve the customer experience on your site and boost conversions for your B2B business overall.