How did we ever complain about customer service and get our voices heard before the Internet? In the olden days, companies used to live or die by the service they provided over the phone or in person. If customers had a lousy experience, the only way to vex their frustration and rage was within their own social circles. Now, customers have so many avenues in which to exhume their experiences — positive and negative — that it’s becoming quite overwhelming.

Our society has the Internet, social media, and mobile technology to thank for these new streams that allow us to interact with companies directly and influence others. More than anything in this age of digital connectivity, businesses need to make sure they’re fulfilling their customers’ relationship expectations with quality customer service.

While direct phone contact and email are still the most preferred options for contacting a business, other areas are growing and emerging, especially with consumers talking about how they continually change the way they contact an organization depending on where they are and what they are doing. Forward-thinking companies are capitalizing on this shift and are using social media to build stronger, and longer lasting relationships with their consumers.

See the graphic below for a more in-depth look.

via: Avaya