One vital way to engage your customers is by asking the right questions to engage them in an automation-based conversation with your company. It is 100% possible through the CSAT software. Customer Satisfaction Survey or CSAT helps in receiving an in-depth analysis of the customers feedback on your brand’s products and overall services.

The customer survey is an important tool to implement improvement and required changes in your services that meet customer standards and also help in facing the market competition, and with digital advancement, your brand’s customer satisfaction survey app should follow the structure that helps your question templates meet the customer’s experience.

Here are a Few Design Ideas that Can Make Your Surveys Look Intriguing to all the Clients.

Highlight Your Brand: Your company’s survey should have a unique look and feel. The customer looking through the page should be able to connect their experience to the questions asked.

The questions must be interactive, where the customer can initiate a conversation with you through the survey. It is always easy to gauge out issues from an informal tone, rather than formal. If the survey can engage the client until the last question, you will be able to receive genuine feedback and suggestions that can help you improve.

And for this you can:

  • Customize your survey format for ocular ease
  • Add in brand colors to help the customer relate and engage quicker.
  • Provide an informal and conversational tone where they feel warmth instead of formal.
  • Add-in the company’s logo for instant connection.

The survey must portray you and your brand’s loyalty towards customer satisfaction.

Aim For Unbiased Answers: Your questions should cover and focus on a given topic. Make sure to format the questions in a way that they do not seem like a forced interrogation.

Most importantly, they must not in any way, manipulate the customer into answering in a positive tone. You will find many brand surveys, aiming to tone down replies with pre-set answer options with limited negative feedback options. You should let the customer speak their mind. Hence, unbiased questions with the freedom to provide personal answers, are important for a customer satisfaction survey software.

The questions should be specific to the client’s suggestions and grievances. Meaning, they should be able to reflect on their experience before answering the survey, and a perfect template can fit in these survey questions in short and concise forms.

Provide Compact Questions: Your customer service survey should not seem like a question paper. You can make it playful, inquisitive, and fun by creating short and sweet questions.

Make sure not to go over a maximum of 10 questions as more than can bore off a customer. You can also opt for multiple-choice questions, taking away the customer’s task of formulating answers for the inquiries. For this, be sure to add both negative and positive feedback options for better clarity.

There is always the risk of customer’s closing the survey tab midway due to the mundane outlook. The survey should not resemble a chore that a customer needs to take up because they purchased your services.

You can also add questions to assess the customer’s reactions and feelings in the end for the best results. And implementing a scale for the answer (within 1-10) can provide you with a better insight.

Encourage Open-Ended Feedback: You can always add a “what could we do better?”, as an open-ended question for the customer to respond to from their heart.

Here, you are giving the customer the freedom to textually provide their insight and suggestions that can improve your services by satisfying their demands. These feedback-type questions also can help your brand understand the customer’s needs more clearly from a more humane point of view.

Additionally, you should also double-check and run the survey through several in-house teams for error removal. Spell-checks, fixing broken links, and readability issues are of priority before you release the survey for the customer’s feedback.


Customer satisfaction is always the utmost priority of any business. Conducting customer satisfaction surveys to capture what exactly your customers think about your business is the best way to gain valuable insights about how to elevate the standards of your servicing. Customer satisfaction survey apps are becoming popular day by day to accommodate for the rising need of capturing customer satisfaction. With the help of customized dynamic feedback systems, businesses can provide personalized questionnaires to their customers, and capture the feedback of the customers in real-time to offer improved services.