Bournville started the Friday high on a Not so Sweet note, making it one of the funniest Fridays for its followers on Twitter. The brand launched Tape a Tweet contest on 26th June 2013, stirring up massive conversations among tweeples in one single day.

The campaign was launched on Twitter, extended to Youtube and supported by Facebook, combining all 3 platforms to craft a brilliant success. A couple of days back, teaser campaign started doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

Bounrville Tape a tweet fb post

The very next the day the campaign was launched. The campaign instantly struck a chord with the users. Bournville created a hash-tag #NotsoSweet, asking users to tweet with it and describe overtly sweet situations around them. While people tweeted about the obnoxiously sweet habits they witnessed around them, the brand selected a few of them on the go and these were converted into quick 1 minute funny videos. The brand had partnered with the Schitz en Giggles comedy group and a couple of stand up comedians put up rib tickling shows.

@BournvilleIN Saying “Awwwwwwww” every time #NotSoSweet

— Neha (@SNSNehaa) July 26, 2013

@BournvilleIN #NotSoSweet frnds gifting each other 20 gifts on a prsn’s 20th bday!!

— Vidhi Bahl (@BahlVidhi) July 26, 2013

I started watching the videos while writing about the campaign and I could not stop at one. It is astonishing to know that the campaign was conducted live. For instance the tweet below was converted into a video and uploaded on the Youtube channel of the brand within no time. The fact that this activity was conducted live is commendable. There is too much distraction all over the net and maintaining the attention span of users is what really counts. Spontaneity in this campaign contributed to the huge success.

Bournville tape a tweet twitter

The videos were scripted, shot, edited and uploaded at an average time span of 20 minutes of a tweet that was selected to be converted into a video. 20 such videos were uploaded during the day.

It was interesting to see the excited user responses on the videos by the user who posted the tweet as well as those who loved it.

@BournvilleIN What a concept: loved the 1st Tape a Tweet; hilarious! #NotSoSweet

— Kashish (@karmagal91) July 26, 2013

Brilliant “Tape-A-Tweet” contest by @BournvilleIN. Tweet about #NotSoSweet scenarios & lucky tweets will be taped into video. Innovative.

— Nikhs. (@MrCoffeeKhor) July 26, 2013

On Facebook, interesting posts as a part of teaser were uploaded which increased engagement. After the activity went live, tweets were posted along with a link to the Youtube video.

bournville tape a tweet Facebook

bournville tape a tweet Facebook

In a 10 hour activity on Twitter, the brand managed to grow its follower count by 130 which is significant since it was achieved in 1 day. In 30 minutes, the hash-tag #NotSoSweet was trending and continued to do so all day. 20 tweets per minute were received and each tweet received a minimum of 10-15 retweets.

On an average, the videos received 200 views while some even shot ahead of 350 views. A total of 2395 tweets and over 2 lakh impressions were generated. Close to 98,000 accounts were reached. The channel crossed the 12.1 million mark during the campaign.

Shekhar Banerjee, Senior VP & Head of Pinnacle, Madison Media said,

“Staying true to #NotSoSweet promise, we didn’t try to be cute and play safe. It was sheer hardwork backed with great understanding of social media space. For a brand with 3.5 million strong fanbase on Facebook, we chose ‘Twitter’ to lead the banter. For a campaign rolling out live, beating all complexities of execution we replied with video tweets at an average production time of 20 mins for each video. Finally, for such fabulous results in one day, must say we didn’t splurge on promoted tweets/updates and it was a pure win of a great social media content.”

The campaign was surely a unique approach to consumer engagement. We keep talking about innovation and originality. This is a classic example set by Bournville on Social Media.