Remember When History Was Uh… History?

Remember the Good ol’ Days… It was 2008… The History Channel had programs about Romans, Egyptians, Mesopotamia, The Crusades and world history. The Discovery Channel had programs about planets, oceans, animals, technology and science. A&E (Arts & Entertainments) focused on Picasso, Gershwin, Michelangelo, Snoop Dog, and well… arts & entertainment. And The Learning Channel??? What is there to learn about ‘Plastic Wives” and “Honey Boo Boo”?

Now we have… ”Pawn Stars”, “Hoarders”, “Ice Road Truckers”, “Moonshiners”, “Storage Wars”, and what… smuggling is not good enough? Now you need “Extreme Smuggling”?

So this is what it’s come to? Reality TV is now more relevant than actually learning something? It’s not like there was a revolution. It’s creeped into our cable where actual educational content is being slowly replaced with watching people struggle or implode. In broadcast news, “If It Bleeds, It Leads!”. When it comes to reality TV and watching the train wrecks… “The Bigger the Boom, the More Cash In The Room!”.

TV has lost it’s way… So what does that mean to you?

iStock_000007957965XSmallIf you want to learn something you have to actively search it out! You have to work harder to have trusted sources, because information is being replaced with “Infotainment”.

Building trust with customers takes time, effort and commitment. Others are shouting loudly with messages that sound legit, but are filled with hollow promises (get rich now because I can show (not teach) you the secret that I know). ”BUT WAIT… THERE”S MORE!”. Seriously… the harder that companies or people sell themselves, well… that should tip you off. If they are actually that good.. then why are people not already lining up to give them piles of cash so they can get rich quick too?

I have often said, that “If I knew the secret of being #1 on Google… I would not be ‘HERE” talking to you…. you would be visiting me on my own tropical island, that I bought with tons of cash from getting rich myself!”.

Short Cut or Short Circuit?

Giving of yourself while expect nothing in return confuses people. In this “What’s In It For ME” world, training people on tools, techniques and tips, goes a lot farther than “Pay No Attention To the Man Behind The Curtain!” type of services. It may take longer to turn tire kickers into evangelists, but some businesses focus more on quirkiness more than capturing the quintessential customer. What can you do to stand out in a Honey Boo Boo world?

  1. Make A Difference… Not Noise

    Don’t be loud… Be Proud. Show people how they can be successful. Don’t just sell them on what you can do… Teach them how. These is a small chance that they will learn to do it better than you, but if that’s the case… learn from them!


    When you make an outrageous offer… You MUST follow through! I tell my customers… “My Goal is for you to make much more money than you spend on my services!”. Be an asset, not an expense. If you feel that you can’t live up to whatever you promise… Don’t take the job!

  3. Never Be Complacent

    The distance from a “Know It All” to a “Has Been” can be a short trip. Never stop learning, because you can never “Know It All”, but you can know enough to make a difference (and never be to proud to know your strengths, weaknesses, and when to ask for help!).

Perception is reality. Create a reality for your customers where they have every reason to share how happy they are, because you have helped them become more successful! It may take more time or resources, but you cannot advertise or sell your way to happy customers… You have to provide over and above customer service and teach them how to become your evangelists!

I would love to hear how you have helped others to be more successful? Share your comments and suggestions!