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When we think about great customer service, we have a clear vision of what that looks like:

Happy, friendly, smiling salespeople.
Enthusiastic staff with lots of energy.
Customer service representatives going the extra mile to make sure we’re happy.

Whether we walk into a store or speak with a customer service representative on the phone, we have a certain expectation as to what constitutes great customer service.

But on social media and mobile, what does GREAT customer service look like?

On the surface, social and mobile customer service may seem impersonal and anonymous – but GREAT social customer service is quite the opposite. It’s funny, engaging, personal and very, very human.

I’m a huge fan of the Nordstrom Twitter feed. Everyone knows that their brand stands for quality and excellence, and on social media, they live up to it every step of the way.

When I scroll through @Nordstrom on TweetDeck, I see that they reply to nearly EVERY tweet. Sure they solve their customers’ problems and answer their questions – but they do much more than that. They have meaningful, real conversations: just one person talking to another.

It’s as if they’re with their customers on their shopping trips, looking at their purchases, giving their opinions, laughing and joking with them like a friend. Customers love tweeting @Nordstrom and Nordstrom has fun tweeting them back.

Nordstrom twitter, great tweets, great customer service

I’ve gotta be honest, I want to hang out with these people – shop with them and have lunch with them. When you read the tweets, you WANT to join the conversation because it sounds like so much fun.

To me, this is social customer service at its finest.

It’s real, it’s fast, it’s visual and it’s engaging – and it’s the key to creating brand loyalty in the social and mobile age. Your customers know that when they want to reach you, wherever they want to reach you, you’ll be there.

And BONUS – great social customer service is out there for all the world to see. It’s your chance to showcase the very best of you in a very real and honest way.

Companies considering entering the social customer service arena should study the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of brands that are known for great social CS.

They should do a side-by-side comparison with companies who aren’t so great at social customer service and they’ll see the difference. Great companies engage. Not so great companies ignore.

If you want to deliver a great social and mobile customer experience, you need to engage in real conversations with real people in real-time.

THAT, my friends, is what great social customer service looks like.


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