Having trouble with Google Adwords? Looking for immediate help? Well, no one is coming to help you. (At least not for the next 16 hours or so)

Or so it used to be prior to the new project Google is working on. According to this great Forbes article from Micah Solomon, Google is implementing a new customer service system, that reflects on the CSAT (customer satisfaction). Apparently, after years of dreadful experiences, resulting in mediocre customer satisfaction rate of 44%, abysmal live interaction rate of 11% and hopeless queues Google support is finally picking itself up. After having re-worked their customer service strategy Google is boasting its 100% increase in CSAT, resulting in 90% satisfied customers. Luckily, learning from your own mistakes does work! As John Dewey once said, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” ..and sometimes reflecting takes time, *cough* years.


Better, Faster, Stronger service

Another feature of the new strategy is the queue elimination, according to Deepak Khandelwal, Google’s Vice President. And the ability to answer all calls and chat requests within 30 seconds is no joke. We have all been victims to the terrible onslaught that is phone support, and all wished for it to be over before it even began. Google managed to capture the main idea behind the customers’ logic – getting to the resolving part as soon as possible and offering the most comfortable environment for the customers to express their concerns and focus on the interaction.


Live video chat for Adwords customers

Touching on the subject of active live interaction. Google Adwords are rolling out the big guns, a new feature allowing its customers to interact with live support via video chat. Of course it is no miracle and Google is no Christopher Columbus of the digital age, but it is a certain improvement that is becoming a trend. Tailor-made services have always ensured high customer satisfaction rate. Ever since videoconferencing was introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair held in New York it has been gradually embedded into every communications sector, offering its users futuristic approach to interaction.

Google AdWords video chat screenshot

According to The Daily Caller a study shows that 19% of U.S. adults used video chat in 2010 and some 21% in 2013, while a modest raise it still implicates the fact that digital communications are ever-trending and desirable as far as the business-client relationship goes.

Take a look at your customer or Why you should implement Video chat:

Once you know what your Target Market is and what your clients want, you are set, generally speaking. But are you really? Is the introductory market research really enough to collect all the necessary information without having to constantly update it? Well, if a 44% satisfaction rate is what you’re aiming at, then, sure. However if you’re hoping to increase your customer satisfaction rate and ultimately your sales why not learn from others’ mistakes and offer a more personalized approach.

As proof of the growing trend another big company has recently adopted a video chat option. The oh-so-popular Snapchat is introducing video calling as part of its update, after acquiring a new real-time communications startup. With the main focus on upgrading the video interaction, which would earlier incorporate a pre-recorded video message, thus excluding the live component.

“Turning video chat into something that doesn’t feel like an obligation means it has to be instant — not something tedious that you have to plan ahead for, like a Skype or Google Hangouts call. “

Business Insider

Could not have said it better myself. Same, in my opinion, applies to customer service. Why not enhance your customer support turning it into a well-rounded full-spectrum feature, taking out obligation out of the equation? And replacing it with a simple comforting smile on the other end of the receiver.

This is idle talk. I am not a big fish, like Google or Snapchat, I can’t afford acquiring anything, nor am I ready to re-strategize my campaign.

Well it is hardly a reason to not consider it. I believe, that with the right tools you can achieve desirable results without having to sell your house or rob a bank..or outsource your customer support to a desert island to break-even.

No, seriously. Have you considered a simple tool, a plug-in, to manage the whole of your company’s video chat? Our company offers just that. And many more, a customer service solution able to Monitor, Identify, Invite,Talk, and ultimately Promote your products or service, resulting in increase in sales.