targetWhen wronged technology-wise, I love a good scathing blog post. Just to show companies who they’re dealing with (ie not someone who forgives and forgets – at least when money is involved.) So when someone does something amazing, I feel an even stronger need to shout it to the world. To show I’m not someone who always complains, just that a lot of complaint-worthy situations pop up.

A few weeks back I wrote how fabulously I was treated by Kroger, the grocery store king. And today I’d like to add another kudos to one of my regular shopping stops, Target.

As a female 20-something, I fall squarely into their target audience, and I’ll admit it’s hard to leave with only the items I came for. But super appealing merchandise selection aside, I couldn’t be happier with how the company deals with their everyday transactions.

The Backstory

When purchasing a new TV, my boyfriend and I searched reviews, specs, and finally decided on a model we couldn’t live without … and it was on sale. We quickly drove to Target to find out that the sale price was for online shoppers only. About to head home and order the screen, we stopped by the electronics desk to make sure that was the best move.

They told us we could not only get the sale price, but that they’d wheel the box up to customer service for the transaction to take place. While one employee did some super scanning to ensure it was the same model, the other expressed interest in my smartphone, and told me what an amazing deal I could get if I exchanged it. (He wasn’t naggy or salesy about it; I first mentioned I was in the market.) Turns out Target sells smartphones almost 100 percent cheaper than Verizon, when the correct deals are in place.

Compliment #1: workers recognize a need and follow up with great information.

Next, the TV was loaded for us, then walked to the front desk. We were passed through a chain of workers (due to department), which only meant we got to hear more jokes.

Even the guy cleaning up a used diaper left in a cart (jerk move, BTW), made a joke about the health code violation “being left to bake in the sun.”

Compliment #2: everyone who works there is cool.

The TV was then rang up, discounted, and freed from any security devices.

I’m a sucker for a great sale, and even though I know saving $80, it’s nice to get a compliment on your solid find. “Wow, what a great deal,” they told me. “No wonder you’re snatching this up!”

Compliment #3: they tell you what a good deal you’re getting.

They then offered to carry the box to the car and load it up for us, like it were a large, cardboard child.

What Happened Next

As it turns out, our great deal came with a dead pixel, right in the middle of the screen. If you’ve never seen one, it’s a dot that sits in a constant state of green, which isn’t so bad on grass, but is really bad during any non-nature scene.

After reading a scathing note from the manufacturing company about not returning TVs when cable boxes cannot be connected, we first called them for help. They required a five-ish minute call to obtain information and said we would hear a response within 48 hours. Unhappy with two entire days of semi-ruined TV, we called Target. Thirty seconds later they told us to return it immediately.

Compliment #4: they’re fast problem solvers.

To make sure another model was in stock, I called our local Target. It was, and I let them know we’d be in shortly to exchange it. Then, once we arrived we were met with a, “Are you guys the exchange?”

Compliment #5: they’re proactive.

The replacement TV was then sitting at customer service, and within five minutes, the new TV was ours.

Would I have liked to not exchange the TV at all? Absolutely. But it’s not like Target or the manufacturer broke it on purpose (or if they did, I can’t prove it). And as far as returns go, this was pretty much the easiest one I’ve ever dealt with (besides the time Menards didn’t require paperwork at all on a $2 broken purchase).

But despite all that amazing Target-ness, I do have one complaint. After the super savvy purchase, three days later another $30 was knocked off the online price, which would have brought our savings into triple digits. Whenever you want to send my gift card, Target, I’m ready.

Dinosaur picture courtesy of Mugley.