Plenty of companies are good at social customer service, but here at Conversocial we are never happy with good, we want our clients to be the best…We want them be great!

Social media is constantly evolving, this year alone has seen the focus shift from response time to resolution time,with 65% of customers reporting that in-social resolution is the most important aspect of a good customer service experience.

With this in mind, here are my 5 top tips to becoming #SocialFirst company:

1. Get To The Conversation, And Do It Fast:

Customers expect a rapid response time.

To achieve this, it is vital to seriously look at the types of messages coming into the contact centre and then prioritize what requires a response. However, not just what requires a response but what conversations and issues are more immediate or what require specialist knowledge/skills. This will enable you to accurately prioritize conversations based on what is important to you and have the best team equipped and ready to respond fastest. On social it is critical for you to find the conversations and start dealing with them ASAP.

2. Get Truly Proactive:

We have been banging this drum for a while, but to be great on social you need to find your customers, even when they don’t necessarily expect you to be there. Customers are likely to spend 21% more if they receive good customer service via social media.

Picking out the conversations where existing and potential customers are requesting products/services will help you build brand loyalty and trust. Listening to what customers want and delivering a service such as a personal shopper, a wedding area of your website etc. and following up with appropriate advice can really start to promote your social sites as a great forum for customers to engage and purchase through.

3. Go Beyond Response Time:

The Aberdeen Social Customer Care Report shows the importance of treating your social customers with respect as a social customer will provide 6.7% increase in av. revenue year on year, a non-social customer provides a 12.1% decrease on this metric.

With this in mind, it’s important to look further into resolution metrics to target your team on. Looking at the types of issues you receive on social media and what the team are capable, legally, of responding to.

Why not set this out in a matrix and ensure the team are working to the same great level of service across the board?

4. Use Your Channels, Keep It #SocialFirst:

In service you have great insight to the issues and problems your customers are facing, specifically the frequency and time/cost it takes to resolve them. Research shows that 65% of customers think social media is better than call centres for service & 68% of companies believe social media has given them a greater voice, so help your customers get social with you.

This provides a great opportunity to utilise your social channels effectively and deliver a stellar service to the community. Ensure your team know your brand, content and channels to help grow the community and become social company.

If you can better resolve an issue your customers are coming across with a video, then why not create a YouTube video and point them to that? If your customers are looking for inspiration, help them to see and share it via Instagram… You have the social sites, use them!

5. Be the voice of your customers:

It’s impossible to listen to, and resolve issues, whilst remaining  impartial to what is being said. We have all been guilty of blaming the current issue or PR campaign of causing the most pain to the entire organisation, however, 76% of social crises could be diminished or averted with proper social media investments.

Report smarter and use the data to back up what you are seeing. This takes a streamlined tagging and sentiment process. If you can’t resolve it, get someone else in the organization to pull their weight.