I say that the customer experience movement is, or should be, about creating superior value for customers and making customers feel valued. Why? So that they stick around longer, buy more and get people in their networks to do business with your organisation. Put differently, the focus on customer experience must at some point show up in revenues and profits. Else, it is not sustainable.

How does one go about generating more revenue and improving profits? How about asking the following questions of your customers:

I wish to give credit where credit is due: I have taken the work of Kristin Zhivago as shared in Roadmap to Revenue and added/modified it so that it fits with my experience and my style. If Kristin’s book interests you (in my view it should) then you can read my review here.

Do you want to download these questions? Well you can, here are is the Word document: Revenue Generation – 14 Questions to Ask Customers