Have you ever invested time and money into a training program only to hear your employees ask “Why do I have to go to training”? Many times employees do not see the true benefit of training and merely see it as time consuming. As a manager, it is in your best interest to make sure the purpose and value of your training are clearly communicated to your employees from moment they learn about it. Having your employees’ buy-in from the beginning ensures that they go into the training with the right mindset.

As a manager, you want to take time in the weeks and days prior to training to get your employees motivated. Here are some ways to pique employees’ interests and create an atmosphere of excitement:

  • Position the training as an investment in your employees’ career development.
  • Manage employees’ expectations by providing them the dates, time and topics for the training.
  • Let employees know that during the days of training, the training takes priority.
  • Encourage employees to bring ideas and experiences to the training to share with others.
  • Stick to a set date for training. Changing dates sends a message that the training is not important.
  • Have a representative of senior management kick off the session to show the importance of the training and the investment the company has made in the employees’ development.
  • Be excited about the training. Your excitement will be contagious.

After following these tips, remember to also take each individual employee into consideration. Everyone is motivated for different reasons, so find out what motivates each of your employees and reiterate how the training benefits them in particular.

So now your employees are geared up for training. Good luck and have fun!

Coaching Tip

Leading by example is one of the best ways to show your support for a training program. Whenever your employees attend a new training, participate in the class with them. Take part in the exercises and share your knowledge. Not only will you be viewed as an expert, but also as a partner. Your participation will reinforce the importance of the training and help you to build a cohesive team with your employees.