It takes focused preparation for how service should take place and clear objectives for what the end experience should be in order to consistently create positive connections in customer interactions.

Customer Service CRM Strategy

The lean startup movement has championed the boots trappers, the shortcut takers, the minimum viable product, and the quick to market strategy.

That rush to market may work in race to deliver new services and capture early market share, but it will rarely work as a long-term strategy to engage and keep customers happy.

In the end, frustration and lack of complete cohesion between product and service will erode customer satisfaction and open the door to alternative solutions.

Without consistency in your service execution, one-off customer experiences can cause confusion and foster disappointment in your customers. Creating the framework for consistent excellence in service is key to long term customer delight.

Without a clear vision and strategy for what your ultimate customer experience should be, you’ll rarely end up with the consistent and concentrated effort needed in order to really make a different to a majority of your customers.

Are you 100% confident that every customer-impacting (not just customer facing) team member understands their role in the customer experience?

  • Why you do what you do?
  • What makes you better than other options?
  • What’s on the horizon that could steal away your customers?
  • What’s the level of urgency internally to strengthen what you offer and keep the customers you have?

A clear journey map is needed in order to align people, processes, services, and strategy in order to deliver desired customer behaviors and successful business outcomes.