Fear has been defined as a distasteful emotion due to the conviction that someone or something is dangerous, but in the case of contacting customer support, it is altogether very different.

Customer Service FearsThe dread of contacting service support among people is only due the fact that most of us strongly believe that it’s not going to work out. Somehow all of us subconsciously think assume that the customer service representative will not be able to understand our problem and provide a relevant solution to it.

All this fear and subliminal negation is attributable to the terrible experiences we may have had in the past in this regard. The three major reasons why we do detest using these support services include:

1. Behavioral response of customer service representatives

People often complain that the customer support service providers sound quite frustrated and tend to give rude replies. Moreover, the telecom services in this front are pretty poor and disconnections are frequent. It is really pissing off for a person to explain their problem entirely in detail to a particular rep and then face a disconnection tone. The protocol in this case is to repeat the process because obviously the next time you call, you are connected to someone else.

2. Endless Minutes on Hold

This can be really exasperating for a person who is asking for help. Many a times, the calls just get disconnected after the service recipient has been hooked on for minutes. Many companies choose the option of self service. This method of customer service can reduce the waiting times for customers and reduce call drops.

3. Deficiency in Training of customer service representatives

A number of cases have been noted where the user is just transferred from one customer support service representative to another because none of them seem to know how to solve the issue in hand.

How to combat the issue?

Stellar customer service helps to solve such awful customer service experiences. What all companies can do in order to create a better reputation with regard to customer support service provision is designing a compliant and informed integrated platform for support services, so as to let customer support representatives understand the customer’s needs and problems comprehensively and attend to his requests suitably.

It has been said that most of these issues generally originate because of poor reputations created by previous companies that have offered appalling customer support experiences. Such companies work in a sales oriented fashion and don’t pay much heed to the concept and practice of customer support. The only solution for such companies is to focus all their hard work on development of well-informed customer support personnel.

It is also of utmost significance that these services are provided in a nice and professional manner. Moreover, companies must make it a point to provide customers direct access to the technical support team on a 24/7 basis. This is also important because most companies function worldwide simultaneously and in different time zones. 24 hour service help lines are a boon to customers all over the world.

So perhaps it’s time to adopt some tools and more multi-channel support options so that customers don’t need to contact the traditional support methods, such as phone. They can use live chat, email, and self-service tools. Companies like WalkMe are available to allow businesses to adopt self-service channels into their customer service department. They guide the users through their smaller issue task until they have completed the task. No need for them to fear calling the contact center, when they have managed to fix the issue on their own.

Management personnel in all companies, big and small, need to understand that it is not only sales that is important, having a good customer support team helps a company develop a long term relationship with its customer base. Provision of timely after sales services helps a great deal in building goodwill. Hence, customer satisfaction should be the prime concern, not profit maximization alone. Give them the tools they need to survive that don’t in turn scare the customer away.