get customers, leads, conversions, money

If a company wants to increase the amount of customers it has, then usually some kind of investment has to be made. Not all companies, however, especially small businesses or start-ups, have the means to do what they need to do.

If you can get customers, it will lead to more profits eventually. But, what if a business doesn’t have the money to spend on strategies to convert people right now?

Luckily, there are inexpensive ways to go about it. If you have a low budget but need to make get customers, then consider trying one of these options. You’ll bring people in without going broke.

get customers, leads, conversions, money

Don’t Only Use Your Brand Name in Your Content

How many blog posts or content types do you think are published each day? If you guess is somewhere over a million, you’re in the right direction. Over two million pieces of content are published on the daily.

So, what makes yours stand out?

Regardless of what your website’s stats are, one way to make sure your content gets seen is by making sure your brand isn’t the main focus of it. Yes, sounds strange, we know. But, you have to assume that this person doesn’t yet know who you are. To get customers, try to talk about other things that will be relevant to someone that doesn’t necessarily know your brand name, but is still interested in your content.

Put More Effort Into Your Social Media Postings

It’s easy to just post your content on your Twitter and Facebook every time something is published. Unfortunately, that’s not quite going to cut it. To get customers without breaking the bank, spend more time in the social media department. You can do this easily with a posting schedule, that features taglines that will get clicked. Make sure you are consistent with this. Also, remember that you can post content more than once, as long as it’s relevant.

Reach Out to Big Names to Get Customers

Networking is one of the cheapest ways to get customers. Take the time to do some research and see who the big names are in your industry. Try to find the bloggers and “Tweeters” that work in the same community. They have a lot of power in whatever industry you work in. Getting in touch with them to help spread the word typically costs nothing or very little. Followerwonk is a good place to start when it comes to researching this info.

Play Around With Your Website and Notice the Results

Sometimes the furniture in your office needs to be rearranged, as do the features and layout of a website. Make some significant changes to important pages, and watch the results closely. See what’s working to help get customers, and what’s not. If you find something that seems to be making positive changes, stick to it a little while longer, and analyze it once again. You’ll see more conversions in no time, without needing to spend much at all.

get customers, leads, conversions

Offer Meaningful Promotions Consistently

Generally, this might cost a little bit of money, but the results you’ll be seeing when you get new customers will be pay for itself (and more). Offering promotions on your site in exchange for a call-to-action can really help convert more people quickly.

Get a trendy name for the contest, a few relevant hashtags, and market the hell out of it. It will take some work, but you’ll be glad you did it.

Get Rid of Problems You Have on Your Site

Have you been noticing some consistent errors on your website, that you’ve pretty much ignored until now? It’s time to deal with them. Any glitches on your site, whether or not you think they’re impacting your conversion rates, need to be taken care of. Hopefully, these problems are something you can solve on your own. If not, hiring someone to handle it shouldn’t cost too much.