Multi-Mode – this term used to bring up images of many different workflows that generally required a lot of work to aggregate and analyze…but not anymore! Today’s technologies free businesses to collect feedback from their customers in whatever way the customer wants to engage. It’s time to re-think Multi-Mode.

One of the most common Multi-Mode designs involves web + phone. Every customer has a phone and that phone can be used by your customer to talk with an interviewer (CATI) or to take an automated survey (IVR). Phone methodologies can be cost effectively used in customer experience programs to maximize reach and allow respondents to provide their feedback in a way that works best for them.


Customer Experience -The march toward cell phone-dominant households continues. Current estimates place this group at about 60% of U.S. households. Likewise, smartphone penetration is around two-thirds of U.S. adults which has led to 45%-70% of emails, depending on demographic, being opened on a mobile device. Adding an IVR option within the email invitation could help you speak to groups you might otherwise miss. The invitation can provide the respondent with a web survey link as well as an IVR phone number – both just a tap away.

Reach & RepresentationGood measurement programs ensure that all customer types are represented in the feedback. Depending on your customer demographics, a web survey by itself may not deliver what you need. In the US, 43% of Seniors don’t use the web. Likewise, rural residents and some socio-economic groups can also be difficult to reach online. If part of your CX program’s design objectives is to increase reach to minimize demographic bias, then providing an interaction option that is friendly to the respondent is essential to your success.


Automation is key for CX programs to consistently deliver representative feedback month-after-month. Employing a mix of methodologies might look like this.

  • Transaction records processed on some regular interval such as a daily sample feed for survey invitation or calling.
  • The records include phone number, email address or both.
  • The sample design would honor customer preferences – calling phone-only respondents and sending a web invitation for email-only respondents.
  • For those with both types of contact information, you might start with web, and then, after a set number of days with no response, move to phone to complete your demographic goals.

RE-THINK Multi-Mode

Multi-Mode options make it convenient for the respondent to provide feedback and help CX programs achieve the goal to minimize demographic bias and speed actionable insights.